Ocean 55, the many alliances ocean. Which one will you choose? Why?


See, I'm in O-55, in an area where there are plenty of MRAs, some decent alliances, good ones which are full. How can someone like me decide which alliance to choose? Why did I choose the alliance I did? (Brothers in Arms).

I'm also right on the border of O-65, around the middle. I'll take a look a bit later to see what there is in that direction..

So O-55 alliances:

Honour and Power: Very nice looking alliance, mostly in north-west sector. No advantage for me to go there as support will not arrive to me fast enough. Being an aggressive player, I will also get attacked often so need people around me. Nice choice for people in that area, strong alliance, but pretty much full at its current 46 members.

Immortals and Immortals II: MRA, probably has decent leader but he'll find out soon enough that even being a good leader, you can't coordinate anything decent when people don't know how to play, don't read the alliance forums, don't understand concepts of the game. Not a choice for me, and I suggest not for you either, unless you want to get farmed. This is what this alliance will be good for. These members will quit after being attacked a couple of times and realizing nobody is there to help them.

Spartans: They have a nice core at south-west, again too far for me. This to me is an average alliance. Won't go too far but is a nice place to start the game if you're in that sector.

Brothers of War: Too easy to join them. They think that I need to deserve to be with them whereas an alliance should deserve to have me and every one of my members. This alliance has lost my respect and although is probably half-decent, not attractive for someone like me, even though they're not too far. Located mostly in North-East.

The Conquerors: These guys will get swallowed by Honour and Power. They are too close to them and is a peaceful alliance, looking only to make friends. Because they won't be on the offensive, they're out. Located middle-west.

Heroes of Olympus: They don't have a core, they recruit anyone no matter where they are. How will they defend themselves? Also, they're not looking for trouble. I think these guys will just eventually merge with Spartans, once Spartan starts attacking them.

Mostar: Not sure what to make of them. Nice profile description which to me means they have an intelligent founder. They have a nice core but have spread themselves out, too far. They will have many little wars, which can be to their advantage. Their real challenge is the Spartans, just to the west of them. If they war with them, it can be a nice challenge and outcome could be either. My vote will go for Mostar in this one, based simply on the leader.

Byzantine Empire: No real core, based in North-West of O-55, mostly in the middle of Honour and Power. Although they will fight, they will get swallowed by Honour and Power fairly quickly.

ELITE: Middle-North core. Ideally these guys can get a pact with Honour and Power to eliminate Byzantine Empire who are also spread into their territory. However, I can't give much positive about this alliance because they seem to want to make more friends than enemies. Hands down for that. The only friend they need is HaP, if they don't get that, they're doomed. If they get too many pacts, they're also doomed.

Varangian Guard: Middle core. Nice alliance, nice ideals but comes out to be a school of sorts, an academy. So join this alliance to learn how to play. There are many noobs here, which is fine because we all start somewhere, and once the teachers have done their work, I would hope this alliance will merge into mine. The leader seems to communicate well, but a bit too friendly. Too easy to make friends and stop wars. Anyway, very nice place to start for new players in my humble opinion.

Brothers in Arms: Middle-East. This is the alliance I chose, for the tightness of its core, and the experience of its members. There are some noobs who are willing to learn, but the core is small and experienced. Well rounded mostly aggressive alliance, leaving room for specialist players and some defence. Well placed to defeat MRAs such as Immortals II in general area. They have no current pacts, will not befriend anyone for the sake of befriending and I think this alliance will be a bit of a surprise on this side of the ocean. The thing is players like me, will either make very good friends, or deadly enemies, there is usually no in-between. I'm a very aggressive player and good alliances will get together to kill me ASAP before I kill them. Seeing there aren't any good alliances around me, I think we have the upper hand. (Mostar may be an exception, however their players in our area are too far from their core..)

I hope this will give you some insight on choosing an alliance which is right for you.
Oh, and if you plan on changing alliances to go to whichever other one, don't forget to cause as much drama as possible before leaving. This is what makes the difference between good leaders/alliances and bad ones. Those who have bad leaders will not be able to overcome the drama you may instigate, and ini the end, will allow you to have way more fun and hey, maybe even an award in the milestones!

Good luck :)


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I've read this with interest. I don't believe that any of the points that you have made are wrong, but I wonder if it is too early to label some alliances as MRA's and write others off as dead before they start playing properly.

Everybody has a right to their opinion and you have made your opinion in a very clear and concise manner. Well done with this.