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Why buy stuff when there is a free service available on the internet?
Hmm, that's a definition, which you find in a dictionary, which you would not find in a thesaurus. However i do suppose you'd want to save your money because of all that gold you buy and still you don't actually do anything noteworthy. Unless of course provide entertainment on the externals.


I did try and type out words for you to read, but you lot seem to be to thick to understand that so I tried to show you pictures, something you could hopefully understand. Because, you know - pictures are supposed to say more than thousand words do!

But that did not work, you seem to be quite obtuse.
Its picture is worth 1000 words. If you going to used phrase get it right
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Its picture is worth 1000 words. If you going to used phrase get it right
You my friend are completely hilarious, trying to correct my spelling with your own incorrect spelling. - you almost deserve a LOL but really, you are to pathetic.

FYI, please read this out loud for yourself:
- A picture is worth a thousand words.
- If you are going to use a phrase, get it right.
Repeat until your grammar improves.

And please note, when something is paraphrased to make a point, the original paraphrased text is no longer applicable because it really does not fit in that sentence.


Nice comeback, I'm glad you boys are not as hopeless at trolling as you are at playing Grepo. Cause, you suck at that game.