Proposal Ocean Domination

Seriko Lee

I have been thinking about this idea for a while and here's the layout.
The endgame will start within 100 days.
A world will be made with the endgame of the alliance controlling 80% of an ocean and start their claim to an ocean for 14 days.
Each alliance will member will be awarded Ocean Conquerors and another title similar to dom titles.
In this event for repelling another alliance, there will be two awards.
1. Team player for aiding multiple allies that are under attack.
2. Claimer of islands just for taking control of 2 or more islands.

Casual worlds
It will also start within casual but within 150 days and it will be an annual event cause the world is too peaceful in my own optional.
It will have the same endgame but an alliance should control 50% of an ocean Rather than 80%.