Ocean Odyssey


Hi All!

I am one of the founders of Ocean Odyssey in Zacynthus.

I've played Grepolis for a while and have noticed that a lot of Alliances don't really function that way. Either they are set up with mass recruitment and no strategy, or their members do not support each other and the alliance eventually withers and dies.

My thoughts for Ocean Odyssey was that its players would be different. I'm looking for active and enthusiastic players who are willing to help out their clan members and look for fun in battles, conquest and strategy.

I have a strategic view to recruitment - I'll issue invitations to players who I think have a good strategic point for our alliance, or who can bring something to the Alliance.

Most importantly I like to play this game as its FUN! If we can't have FUN in the alliance then theres no point!

If you're interested in joining us please get in touch!