October wars

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BaneBR, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. BaneBR

    BaneBR Guest

    Hey guys and girls we can discuss about wars of the month in this session.
    I would like to see more alliances talking about war...

    Ok. I'm going to start with The Dirty Dozen wars:

    Black Pearl -> not much conflict we already kick them from our oceans and sometimes we eat some cities from their members (at the DD dominate oceans)

    The Last One Standing -> Almost the same above, but sometimes we have some fights with pepih.

    Freedom -> What happen to Legion? I was getting scared (lol) and now they became "Freedom" i don´t know who they are helping but sometimes we take some of their cities at strategic position. This alliance was made with some old noobs from DD that was kicked.

    Delian League Elites -> That was a good war at south, we lost few cities at their ocean like oc. 37 and 47 and they lost a lot of cities to us at oc.36 and 46. We (DD+ Tigers) kicked grandad the old one that was at top 10 and some other DL players. Last month DL got some inactive players at their team so most of them migrated to THE DEATH CRUSADERS

    Main wars:

    Phalanx-Elite. -> Still fighting in the north, around 10 of their members we made they stoped playing with continuous attacks and taking their cities and around 6 members still running to VM. They lost oc. 34 and 44 to us but they still strong more to north like oc. 33 and 43.
    They are threatening small alliances to support them and they are receiving help from some allys like: Black Pearl, The Last One Standing and maybe Phenomenon.
    Far away at north they are fighting The Dirty Dozen. and The 300.
    But at moment we are having slow progress cause there is too many inactive cities and ghost towns to eat at front line...

    THE DEATH CRUSADERS -> They toke 1 isolated city from us and Tigers toke back, few months ago we toke some of their cities at oc.46, but now with this merge they are getting stronger, that means more fun to us at south xD
    TDC is a similar alliance like DL. I guess there is new challenges coming outside DD territory ^^
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  2. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    Phenomenon Warz:

    THE REBELS: A good group of guys that are putting up a real good fight.

    Berzerker: A good group of guys that are putting up a real good fight.

    Reunion: A good group of guys that are putting up a real good fight.

    That is all, but October is still young.
  3. Lane

    Lane Guest

    I will let Lozza, Jen, or Herb give y'all UNT's October Wars ! :)
  4. BBCue

    BBCue Guest

    Bad Co:

    UNT -> small conflicts each day, larger conflicts once a week as time permits. UNT makes more progress than us, but neither is making a substantial dent on each other any more. UNT's active players are much more active than any of us, but there are fewer than before. Currently is war of attrition/inactives. Main ocean conflicts are east O56/O66/southO65.

    Phenomenon -> not in range at all so very few attacks on both sides in O75.

    Freedom -> 2-week war forced name change due to a leadership change (rimmed their founder). New leadership is experienced, but really doesn't have the players willing to organize. mainly O55.

    The Dirty Dozen -> lost one, took one... not in range either. a couple in O55 & north O56 who were former Evo.
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  5. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    Here's all I have to say about UNT wars

    Anonymous quote from internal forums of a discussion on war or not war with some alliance that's attacking us:

    We're at war with those that attack us. Woo Hooooooo!
  6. Yeah, we're kinda just sitting at the table slapping eachother in the face now. I assume you guys will annoy us, have us wake up and take a ton of cities off Bad Co.. then go back to sleep for a few weeks, rinse and repeat. I know that I'll be BP hunting soon I need more slots and I don't buy mine (not saying you do, just saying I don't)

    Maybe we'll re-activate and fight hard again, at least one of us.
  7. Lane

    Lane Guest

    We're slapping each other? How come I haven't gotten slapped yet? Oh Well. :p

    Yumm..BP Hunting sounds like really awesome right about now...
  8. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    As I am only following the game on grepostats, I would like to ask herb when he's going to start. Phenomenon is being far more active than the ninja beasts.
    Don't tell me you're all going inactive !
  9. We're bored.. As I'm sure Bad Co are.. it feels a bit same old thing day after day lol but we're not inactive :D
  10. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    How can u be bored, so many fish in the water?
  11. same fish, don't taste so good when you eat em all the time ;)
  12. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    then change type of fish ;)
  13. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    We had a poll and agreed your face was too pretty to upset :D either that or you like me on the outside of the main action waiting to get the go ahead on other things
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  14. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Awww..Thank you. ;) lmao.

    You on the outside of what? :D
  15. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    no worries :D unfortuately its a case oh look at the cute baby and inside we are all saying he will live the life of a panda without the fuzz

    oh and am on the ouside of the war with bad co slowly moving down there though
  16. Phenomenon is a great group. What's your point? We've lead the world for the better part of a year in one way or another, why not let (well, not let, they're doing it on their own) another alliance be the most active killers? We know what we can do. We've done it. We don't feel the need to keep doing it over and over again. If you've watched grepostats you've seen UNT wake up a few times and take cities and we'll keep doing it as we see fit. I assume it will continue like this for some time, TDC/Bad Co/DLE/Whatever the heck the gang of neighboorhood troublemakers calls themselves now can't stop us at least.

    At this point all the Reds in our ocean are just the equivelent of Poison Ivy, it wont kill you but its really annoying.. :pro:
  17. yeah we're happy to let Phenomoenon and D12 take the lead and do their thing, both great alliances capable of great things.

    We're all liking not being quite so agreesive all the time, like herb said most of us have been doing this for over a year and don't feel the need to keep hitting hard all the time. We know what we've done on iota, you lot know what we've done on iota. UNT is about having fun :)


    AAAWWWW, wish I was still playing I would Make some Good WARS for You ALL, LOL.....
  19. Yeah we don't care to much of the way you try to win wars tho :p


    You never know just might Sneak back up there to the lil'Cats swimming under WATER-which we all know cats don't swim..

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