Milestones of Apollonia


I believe that the following has happened last night :)

LETHALEE reached 2000+ from alliance Killer Klownz
then came
ivelin75 from RECKLESS RAIDERS reached 2000+


The old worlds back in the day used to have it- guess players are getting softer over the years ;)

See you have rim a mod now- just thought Richard deserved his own special category :p
richard deserves many of his own categories ;).
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Goldfinger6 2k ABP
Reckless Raiders 10k ABP
(Can't screenshot it, I'm a noob)


Within the first 24 hours, we had Reckless Raiders and Sesame Street wage war...
The top 2 Reckless Raiders then left to join Sesame Street... I beleive thats on your milestones :)

We showed them how to get to Sesame Street!


Hey goldilocks, is that really you? :p
anyhow, assuming you are giving 2nd place for this one: "Perform a Major Disband (With founder rights, dissolve an alliance that has 30+members):"
this guy lol: absloutearts, alliance: Renegade
guy disappears for 3 days then suddenly logs on and disbands without a word to anyone
I mainly feel bad for all the 1st timers we had(and we had a lot) who might be turned off from the game or even quit because of this
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Deus Pravus

Generally happens when someone makes the thread before the world opens. They get rimmed then stop updating.


Someone could copy and past what he has in a new thread, update it and add the 'Rim the CM' milestone too :p

And then we could let this one die ;)
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