Offer issue extra gold extra price 25% Hike

there has been a couple of nice little changes but most of them has made the game play worse over the last few years but now they are asking us to pay more for for bad updates that dont make the gameplay any better with out any indication of whats coming so i suspect nothing of great use

maybe if there was good features planned and good updates planned they people might be willing
The only complaint i'd have is that it took them 6 years to make a tweak to the end game that's been suggested numerous times after hyping up big changes for years. Well that and constant events, but even then they seem to have scaled it back a bit and balanced out their events. Making OP nukes more costly and adding tons of DLU tokens into the event.

To me 1.26 still was the best time simply because of the sheer size and depth of the worlds. But I still find myself having a lot of fun with the game.


I can't feeling like they tried to stealth it in with a new offer (here have some of the less usefull items from the event for a bit more gold), when people moaned a bit they cobbled together some meaningless statement that could have been written by David Brent. Under normal conditions a commercial business (who respect their customers) is expected to be able to justify business decisions like this in a way that we can understand. E.g. We will have a reasonable price increase (25% is not reasonable inno) but in return we will be delivering X Y & Z to improve your gaming experience.

I would guess the lions share of their profits comes from a small percentage of the the players with the deepest pockets (you know, the ones who have 4 cities by the end of BP) and I assume they believe there will always be a big enough flow of noobies to keep those players happy?

I would suggest if you don't like it then vote with your feet like I and many others will.


Advertising and listening to your clients is all you need for a successful and profitable game .... respect your clients and listen to what they have to offer.


OK my input... first impressions as I've been away 2 months is I like the new farming system and don't mind the price increase. Gold needs to be overpriced to stop crazy fools buying so much. As for golding the new farming system will make golding a lot harder, I was making 15000 40000 some worlds with very little effort. Slow speeds best of course but this is wrong aswell, not good for the game. I think these things needed to be addressed so first impressions cool. The days of even keels were the best, maybe this will help
The unannounced price hike was pretty sad to hear about as it annoyed some people. Inno really needs to do a better job at being transparent and open with its community. They're unnecessarily shaving time off the game that could be spent making more money by annoying people into quitting and acting on the whim.

The Bandit Camps were a great balancing update in my opinion though. Its made expansion a little slower, sure, but I've noticed that it helps newer players and gives them more time. At least on 2 speed worlds.

Myrddin Emyrs

I stopped playing for 6 months, came back just to chill and play, not go full in anymore, wont spend gold but will try to earn it with trades but it isnt the same game and no longer has the hook for me anymore, dont know if its the fact that been playing it to long or if inno as far as im concerned are just gold whores who dont care unless there raking in the money and try to entice player to spend by trying to give them special offers on gold and increase the events to try and get you to spend money on gold to try get better rewards on events, as was said the worlds seem to be smaller and the world time is much less you cant spend 2 years on a world without it coming to an end because of world wonders, they need to change there ways or they will just end up losing players who will just lose interest and get fed up not being listened to...