Oh dear....


I don't like to make fun of other players/alliances in the forum (apart from being part of taunting them to attack me), but as our war with PE progresses I am getting very disappointed with them. Below are two academies from cities that used to be of one PE player, and believe me, ALL his cities are like this :Angry:

You can make quick calculations on how many CP we are wasting in every city we take....
:eek: maybe its a PE tactic, a sort of "burnt ground" strategy

If someone believes these academies are fine, please comment and explain, perhaps I am missing something here.....

Disclaimer: I am not saying all PE players are noobs, but COME ON!!! you should at least have a "knowledge" forum or an academy alliance? Because you have players that don't have a clue! :pro:


maybe in their strive to be the best they forgot that some players aren't and therefore didn't teach them.
maybe he saw your CS coming and did it to spite you?


I had the same problem with some I.K cities.
Peoples research and research needless things and then don't have points for important researches.
Attacking without fast transport ships... :D
Anyway not all P.E members are begginers!


I have been finding the same thing in the PE cities I have taken lately.


If you guys ever try to take one of my cities you will see my researches are conquerer-friendly :D
I take it this is a KumarAbhi city?


Ill be the first to admit that research is terrible.....none of my cities look like that. In fact ive wasted about 300 CP undoing research and improving it on cities ive conquered. We actually sent out a message with preferred research to our members. Please tell me who this is? Maybe its time to send it out again lol