Pnp Oh Lord, it' hard to be humble ....


The forums for this world have got to be some of the DEADEST I've ever seen .. so let's try to spice 'em up a little.

You can all start by telling me how incredibly fabulous and handsome I am .. I can never get enough of that, whether the praise comes from man, woman, child or beast .. or mods. The more the merrier. Be profuse in your praise of me, and if you don't know me, as most of you don't, just make something up.

For those of you who think that you are as fabulous as I, please, tell us .. I enjoy a good laugh.

Now, I command you, begin ....



Ahhh, it so eyes!!!! I cannot see that beauty anymore...That beautiful trash can next to you...ooohhh,gorgious...

Sorry, I had to make a or the trashcan...;)

PS; not meant as insult or so.;just to have a laugh..:p


hmmmm good idea,
(pouring hot cocktail sauce on shrimps back shrimp yells"ooooo the pain the agony" :p
and then i gobble you up
yum yum


That's was pleasure, not pain
Come back for some more, big boy:p