Oh Shaz...

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Dear Community,

I have kept this to myself, and my leadership.

It was not in my will to expose privacy, but I cannot neglect and be indifferent to some of what has been said in these forums. You all know who I am talking about thanks to the title of this thread, and you can probably guess what is coming.

I have had it with the ways some players twisting the truth, going beyond what should be a game for fun, to make false claims and attempt at disrupting friendships.

Note: As I go along, all the PMs and conversations I am sharing have been asked consent to the owners of said correspondence.

Now, Mr. Shaz AKA Smurfy007 (just in case someone would be confused) self-acclaimed "legendary" player should perhaps be slightly more careful in the ways of PM correspondence. I thought you were supposed to know what you were doing, but you fall right under the most noobish bunch.

So Shaz, before I get to what upsets me most (and sure others can relate), let me tell you why your credibility is scarred on these forums. You are the epiphany of hypocrisy:

And this is what I mean.

As if poor attempts at invitation fishing weren't enough, right? But I guess is fine, you can get into any alliance, all you need is a PM you say! Time to gain some modesty kid.

And so what some of you know, maybe others don't, is that Shaz has a bad habit of attempting to interfere with members outside what should be his jurisdiction. I don't condemn players freely PMing each other, but I find it distasteful to use it in for the following effect:

Now I see what you have been doing.

This is one of other PMs I have received of you also claiming that my leadership, including myself, are a bunch of tyrants, quitters... This coupled with allegations that we have ghosted in en95!? To the same members that followed us from that same server...

Get your facts straight kiddo. Does this look like a ghost to you:

So if you want to make false accusations and insert doubt into my players, against my person (whom you don't know, I must add), you will have to do slightly better. You underestimate my team and friends.
You can also stop trying to turn hainamiis against me or Thizzle so he would join your MRA bunch. I know you are all over him like hungry vultures. Pathetic.

And you shouldn't try to repress others' free speech for your biding. Just because you are "safeguarded" by 4 branches doesn't give you that right:


reproduction on 2017-06-07 at 18:29
ill speak my mind, i always do

Smurfy007 on 2017-06-07 at 18:23
Stephen Paul are looking to set up something between our alliance if you keep bad mouthing MGGA nothing is going to fall through, think before you talk don't get caught up


Now let's be real. This thread is not aimed at MGGA regardless what opinion we may have of their choices. If they want to play as a MRA, fine. Just don't claim you are looking after your members, when all you are doing is boring them to death on false promises.

If I was within MGGA leadership I would not like to see myself related to this type of behavior, though. If anything, I'd be ashamed. Of course he got rejected to join our roof, but if he didn't and cases as such had came to my notice, we would have internalized him day 1.

In Noobs much like Hades, TF and TSB, we do not require sly schemes to achieve our results. Them being positive or negative, these are achieved on the principles of honor, fair fighting and respect towards allies and enemies.

I'd like to express my appreciation to the people at Hades, notably repro, who have not only given us a battleground in 65 but stood for what was right, above personal gain. As such I am glad to have you as my enemies.

And if anyone want to question my words by referring to exploitation of game mechanics... What did you call it again? BP farming, troop cannibalization? Well Nisa, this one is for you love ;) And DV, this is how you BP farm:

And before you start all screaming out of the top of your lungs, I think you should stop your trash-talking nuisance and start defending your teammates.

Much love,

The Most Noobish

shaz boodoo

Awwwwwwwwwww you did all this for me thank you Raydium, this means soooo much LOL, who cares what you post here this is a virtual world, do you think I have time to study something like this get real LOL
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shaz boodoo


Do you think you have actually done something here my reputation have long gone out the window, what you did was show me who my true friend was, Thank you Haima for sharing messages Maybe Nisa and Erik will see the person you are now :)
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Do you think you have actually done something here my reputation have long gone out the window, what you did was show me who my true friend was, Thank you Haima for sharing messages Maybe Nisa and Erik will see the person you are now :)
You mean a loyal person?

If haina was your friend you wouldnt be a snake towards him... SSssss Ssssss

I told you, that you were not as smart as you think. Child
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