Newspaper One End Brings A New Beginning


Tenant Eviction - They were there and most players who were there left.
I think you will find Tenant Eviction does not share many members at all and was its own alliance...
[user]NZ God[/user] was a member from Rho and the leader but otherwise the only member from EN to my knowledge.

You will also find most members left from Tenant Eviction made it to the Winners there, The Basterds


That was because of some guys who had went with The Coalition also went to TVBC who had also merged with IB. NZ God had won Rho if I remember well because of his crown when he joined Ithaca.


how abt the new one :p
Its alright, I liked the Lincoln one cause it made it look like you laid down the law. Thought it was funny with him all laid back but that fist of power and him eying you made him look like he meant business lol.


Well Eviction Notice was formed under my leadership through an alliance election... any pretenders claiming the alliance without the originals are just a mere shadow of it's greatness... EN is reformed and alive once more