One gold free world


Be good to see a world which is completely gold free - you could still have the advisors for example but you would have to use battle points to activate them. Think this would open up the world in an environment where it would be skill that would dictate the outcome of the world rather than gold. How many worlds have opened and you see people come out of BP with 8 cities. Understand the game needs money for running costs but think it would be a good test.


if they just released 1 of those worlds and it was a banger and everyone wanted to play it, then most players just wouldnt want to play normal worlds anymore and wait until they do another gold free world meaning there is a good chance the game would just shut down within a year or so without already incredibly low income this game gives Inno.
No matter how you slice it, its not going to happen at least not like this, the only way i could ever potentially see it happening is if it was a pay to enter/monthly sub to play a particular world which continues to give them income from sheer amount of people buying into the world or paying 5$ a month to stay in the world with no gold features but likelihood of something like that is now extremely low like below 5% chance simply because overall grepolis player base has shrunk down that i doubt 2k pay to play people would replace 50-100 "whales" that are "keeping the game afloat"


i would pay a monthly subscription to play the game
golding to win is killing it, I will not play another world/server because I cannot get 5 cities in the first 7 days unless I gold it

yes, take gold out of the equation, make the game a level playing field and I will play
i am leaving game. i dont want to spend the money to win. 10 years ago, i played on US servers
today i play on EN servers

l love this game. its awesome.
the structure is wrong. gold = win
the skill is being played down.
just my thoughts
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Literally 90% of grepo community has been asking for these already for years. Like this topic was suggested millions of times, but we all know that inno will never do this, due to simple reason: they are interested only in money.

There was even suggested singular payment to enter the world and than there is gold free enviroment, or monthly subscription as it was said above. But again, inno won’t do it for a simple reason, they getting so much money from heavy gold users that no monthly subscription or no entry fee will compensate it.

Anyways, even though I’m 100% sure inno won’t do it, if it happens by some kind of miracle, I’ll be more than happy and I support this suggestion.


I doubt that world will even exist, because most of the players here is free to play peoples(except for some big spender I know). And even some of guys I know too that spends their money for this game only do it for GA(Great Arming). They're very rare want to spends their money for buying golds because they'll prefer to get it from market.
But personally I want this world exist too(even the probability only 0,000001%o_O