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Grepolis teammates,

It's not often I complain - well, unless you ask my wife - however, I was thoroughly shocked by the below mass mail to our alliance in Rhammus and even more so by the complete lack of action taken by the in game moderators.

So, whilst I'm probably risking an in game, attackable ban from the same moderators, who have ignored reports/complaints from multiple teammates (and possibly a ban in this forum too), I feel this is a matter of principal and I'm prepared to be shot down for it.

As for the title of this thread, well...

Those same in game moderators have meted several attackable bans against my alliances' players for things as mundane as risqué city names; certainly with much less profane language than used below.

So, whilst I wouldn't be brave enough to call these moderators out for favouritism or collusion with ex-in game buddies... oh wait; I think I just did.

If you feel like you've been totally let down by your "impartial moderators", be brave enough to complain. They're not gods despite the copy and paste responses they hide behind.

Let's remind Innogames that just because they're free, or cheap, the players are the gods, not the staff. We pay the wages..!!

Carpe Diem...

Mike UK...

Ps: Are there any mods who remember, and understand, this:

Or this:

Report insult
Affected player: *******

On this page you can report serious insults and messages that are directed towards you and do not conform with our rules or that violate the general game rules... etc.
Player name/profanity redacted, not that he/she deserves it...

MM from xxxxxxx] on 2016-06-22 at 00:49
so is does Anyc*** still have no b**** or did he grow them while cheating his way to victory like alot of EQ C****


This will get closed soon enough,but if you think a moderator is being biased you can open a ticket in-game and request it to be passed on to a CM....or you could always drop them a mail on the forums. Lodge a formal complaint with any proof you might have of any bias and the CMs will surely take care of it:)


Thanks for the advice Druvi. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely convinced this doesn't infect a significant part of the food chain.

If it does, I hope this is enough to call it out and others extend similar complaints. If not, I'll no doubt take the fall...

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Closing this as it will only result in people getting in trouble and not leading to anything productive. Like Druvi said, if you have a concern about moderation send in a ticket and ask for it to be passed up to a CM or if it's about forum moderation send me a pm on the forum.
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