Open Source Government - It Sure As Hell Worked For Linux!!!

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Open Source Government - It Sure As Hell Worked For Linux!!!

The Corrupt FEAR US...

The Honest SUPPORT US...

The Heroic JOIN US...

Our Empire Is Eternal!
The Open Source Government calls to you...

With swords drawn or invites sent, we're expanding in your area!


Your OSG Empire Admins:

Free SCV - Commander/Founder
TigrisEyes - Commander/Founder

OSG Was Founded Upon This World On:


Membership Requirements:

1. OSG welcome the active! =)
2. Must have minimum 2 cities to be invited
3. Inactives, after 1 week of not playing, are booted and attacked/farmed/conquered out.
4. We will defend our own but it's extra, not essential for Personal Empires!
5. We're a fun loving alliance over winning but enjoy that too! :p

All players are required to check in daily.

Abandoning your post can get you conquered!

We value our OSG Membership and respect rival teams. Good luck with your empire from the OSG Team! =)

Join us, fight in our name!
For glory, honor, for battle's sake!
Fight with us and create some history!

Message Free SCV or OSG Top Ranked Player directly for a reply.
Usually 48 hours back at ya! :)


We will defend our own and hunt our hunters. If you stand in our way prepare for battle!

We believe in fair play and livening up the world a bit! Win or lose WE ARE OSG4LIFE!

That means we'll restart again upon death's embrace, allowing the Gods to return us to this world -- then you're in for it!!! ;)

We hail from Epsilon, Upsilon, & Ephesus but have warriors from many worlds and alliances here in Delos who will fight for our survival alongside us. We are a deadly team to go up against!

If you think a 1000 point player is worthless, remember they could be a 50+ city behemoth from another world just waaaaiting for your unwise moves...

Battle us & share experience!
- To get yourself conquered, to gain culture, to be ABLE to expand your nation you MUST fight/buy culture, either way will be expensive...
- We respect our Rivals/Enemies/Allies all alike. Hold YOURSELF up high and carry yourself proudly throughout life and you'll never have problems. Your honor is your own!


Alliance History:

11/09/2012 - OSG is happy to lay its foundations here on this new world in O24!

Honored Rivals:

Eternal Glory To Honored Rivals!


Our Empire's Territory:


"Live for the swarm!"



I figured I'd say hi from all of us in the western part of the world here.

We've already met Delos Elite Warriors, The Forgotten Ones, Slightly Mean, and other 2 bit Alliances in our path to glory. Were thankful for the food so we can gain battle points and new cities. Excited to be here and happy to give our best in combat.

Recently lost my northern Kronos city to Scotayne after 5-6 tries for the city.

OSG Grepostats:

Rank Name Points Players Average points
1 Delos Imperium 7003403 99 70741
2 Lacking Diplomacy 5425024 68 79780
3 Exiled Renegades 4453231 74 60179
4 Empire of Death 4266103 58 73554
5 Slightly Mean 4186712 97 43162
6 Delos Elite Warriors 3966471 69 57485
7 Centauri League 3479271 96 36242
8 The Forgotten Ones 2528059 181 13967
9 Aurora 2257107 55 41038
10 HORDE 1935279 73 26511
11 MANOWAR 1851288 40 46282
12 Alpha Wolf 1578068 31 50905
13 League of Warriors 1497511 53 28255
14 Scottish Equilibrium 1304439 171 7628
15 Open Source Government 822482 41 20061

Hopefully next time I'll be "Easter Ready" for their 15+ Players jumping me at work....their only real shot at taking my cities is offline times and Rivals/Enemies attacking /w all their cities BY THE DOZEN!!!

...and still I get my shots in:


Oh, I'll be ready all right:


Go you little double bp egg layers, GOOOOOOOO!!!! ;)


Happy to be up in the rankings a bit from being one of those 2 bit Alliances we try to rise above. ;)

Hope to see you guys on the battlefield. I fight in OSG's name so that one day our real world can have a Citizen iVote Ap......
Just bought a donut today, was like 93 cents instead of 1.05 because of a BC Canada law SNUCK IN by our Provincial MP's against the wishes of our 6 million Citizens. Well HST, a combined law they snuck in was officially, manually, voted on, downvoted into oblivion, and now we got PST (provincial) and GST again (Governmental/Federal tax) instead of the combined tax for more tax on everything....(but simplier for merchants to calculate ONE tax, as my friend owns a PC store)

My long winded point here is that "We The People, WON!!!!" and if we had an iVote ap for our phones/website, we could call down bad decisions even BEFORE snuck into office, not re-actively.

I saw how well Open Source did in Firefox (Netscape code, opened up for community), Google Chrome, and for entire operating systems, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux, Mandrake Linux, hell, even Apache web server is open source code....

Microsoft Internet Exploder is "closed source/secret" code. Think Diebold Bank ATM American Electronic Voting Machines, and how easily deleting Rival votes w/o a trace is for term If there's a problem, it's prob on purpose. LOL

Can't hide in an Open Source coding world.....and our Governments around the world have SURELY dropped the ball on "Governing our People" OSG4LIFE!!!

If it works for coding, surely, one day, we can have an open platform voting addition to the useless term elections currently going on. While I value them as "Least evil" to vote in, 99% are bought and 1% can't make proper change....

Imagine the days WHEN we downvote bills of law to be BEFORE pushed through the Senate...

We stand proudly to advertise such ideals worldwide for better Government....and kicking some Grep ain't a bad side quest too!!!

2 websites that absolutely ROCK relating to a possible iVote Ap are:

- USA website to upvote/petition to change laws, a nice 1.0 model here....if flawed/corrupt/crooked just right. ;)

- A nice amateur site for a People's voice also. Nothing official for Canada yet but this sure beats a useless term vote...

I see plenty of Rival Alliances here in EN50 Delos world that need to be eaten as the foundations of the Open Source Government spread out, collect BP, and build our awesome Empire!!!

Good luck to all! OSG4LIFE!


Nice to see you are back and running Free. Hope all is going well.


jono, domino, thanks for the warm welcome. :)

6 days left on the Chicken store. I've already been kicked out for showing everyone my chicken. Why oh why don't they want to see my chicken???

All I hear of from some woman in the village of Rimuldar was "I have no tomatoes, no tomatoes today"

....damn. Guess I'll be back tomorrow.....annnnd I'll buy this Magic Armor for 7700 Gold. There's no WAY I'm beating the Axe Knight at this point so off to the INN.


I've been working my best on this new world for myself and OSG here. Saved up some spells and am ready to go. Those 6 days means I MUST use up extra eggs I find.....

A project about a browesable Grep world would sure rock. GOGOGO those boys in the front keep sayin. I just sit in the the rear with the gears!!! This SCV's good to go sir!!!

....roger that! :p


You guys are funny...Free has been around FOREVER.....before you crack jokes or talk smack, I'd suggest you get to know him...

He uses his alliances to promote Open Source Government, but only to get the word out....and has done so since before you guys ever heard of Grepolis :D He is a grepo staple. EVERYONE knows or has heard of OSG
More importantly, he is a great "trainer" alliance that many o' great player has launched from. He has always been fair, and a great enemy, treating everyone with respect....

AND most importantly, he has mastered the art of bolting you to the rim....go ahead, let him tool you a bit :D
... I've either always been in a MRA or a 8 player inactive alliance
I would also like to point out, he invites everyone, but his alliances are actually very far from an MRA. His battle style is very unique, and actually works. But far from the typical MRA....just FYI. You go be in your 8 player inactive alliance, and remind me to get popcorn as he bolts you bye bye....
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Yes i have heard of open source government in earlier wolds, and i think the idea is great.


Always nice to see some OSG Support Dom, TYVM. ;)

Tho it's just a dream at this point to vote alongside political leaders, Americans broke off a bit from England back in the days, and from Kings.....

I figure the next political "upgrade" will be Citizen iVote Ap enabling us to downvote in real time alongside our corrupt leaders around the world.....

Term "Leaders" I AM grateful for.....but it's simply not enough. Daily decisions by Slaves/Employees/Blue Collar/Industry Experts will be an upgrade worth having.

At the moment we are blocked/funnelled through bs term leaders and for profit CEO's for a limited, narrow, perspective on all major decisions.

Is it profitable? Will the stock holders make money? Will "I" make money? Can I get away with this latest scam? are the main questions asked in the minds of our "Leaders" of the globe....sadly.

If you see wikileaks doing awesome work, well, it's because they aren't asking. (because they'd be told NO! lol)

I'm sure, in time, some Citizen will push an iVote Ap upgrade for our system and then the FLOOD of our Swarm/Society's thoughts will pour into the political arena.

....anyone wanting to step into MY ring is welcome to do so in EN50 Delos here.

You want to fight and try to be the one to bring me down
but I know that there's no channnnnce.
and I know as soon as you step foot inside that door
you'll fall victim to my metal dance! :p

It's coming down to the hour of the fight
I was built by Dr Wily
You were built by Dr Light!
LETS! See which robot's better, let's see who builds us best!
Take the first shot Megaman
Let's put it to the test!

The Megas - Metal Man

I only await the day where Government is as Open Sourced as Linux is......

Anyone getting in the way of this will be eliminated. (SW)


The gov in the states is a "republic" in that we elect representatives to vote the way they said they would when we voted for them. At least in theory that's how it is... But they all game the system with gerrymandering and other tricks.

Only problem I see with your proposed method is that it would violate states rights insomuch as the wishes of a particular state would be overruled by a majority vote from people not in the state. Example, TX is a conservative state for now. The majority of people living in TX are actually liberal. The population of San Antonio, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and Austin tend to lean a little left. That doesn't represent TX as a whole though and by a district to district basis the outcome is conservative .

The same principal aplies on a state basis. The majority of the population of the states reside in big cities and lean left. If we went by majority vote everyone between the two coasts would be forced to live the way some guys in NY city and LA want to live and that's not exactly fair. As a bonus the upside to having a representative gov that acknowledges states rights is that if you don't like the way your state is run you are free to move somewhere else.

Anyway, teach me how to use Linux I always wanted too