Organised Chaos


I did a little research you are the guy, that his own alliance members hate, mate a piece of advice for you

If you did your "research" properly you would find other things also, but I guess research isnt your strong side...

Yes, I'm quite glad to be hated by all those sry excuses for good players, simmers, floaters and such pretending to be skilled and whining as soon as they are attacked. Or whining when they dont get the help they need cause they cant do anything for themselves. I make their days miserable by pointing out that they do not do 2 things to help anyone else then themselves. Haters is standard issue nowadays i'm afraid. Good players are more difficult to find... Fortunately I have found a good group now. Lets all see where that takes this world shall we..

And lastly. You really are an unpleasant and bullying kind of person. Keep trying muppet, it doesnt really work on me anyway.

Thread: Organised Chaos
Don't talk about things that above you understanding level ~ Naji


I think it is good that people are trying to make premades. I mean this is exactly what this part of the forum was meant for. And maybe, next time there will be the same guy with a better premade. WHo knows. People have to start somewhere! :p