Original Alliance


I just tried to look mine up cuz I couldn't remember and its not even there anymore, I was in it for 4 days we had a good amount of members and then the leader "accidentally" disbanded the alliance and went Alliance X ever since....thank god I didn't stick around that noob leader too long


I was in Blood Brothers, then Aetolian League, then Incubi

crushed by Incubi
We fought hard though - the problem was there were only about 5 or 6 of us fighting Incubi, the rest were cowering in the background, and Incubi were much more organised.
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I started in an alliance called Warriors Of Mars.And soon after I join the founder gave me founder rights and was banned.So I have been founder/leader ever sense. I decided once all the original members either quit or jumped ship to rename the alliance.We are now called Warriors Revenge.So I guess thats kinda original