[Oropos] Congratulations to the alliance Triad


We would like to congratulate the alliance Triad and all its members on their victory in world Oropos with the completion of their fourth world wonder.

We would also like to thank everyone who played world Oropos for their time spent on Grepolis, and we hope you enjoyed playing.

The alliance Triad has won with the construction of the following wonders:

Each alliance member was rewarded with a certificate of victory and a bonus 10% extra favor cap on the hero worlds.

Visit the Grepolis Hall of Fame

blah blah blah a while ago Triad won Oropos and some of their players and me noticed that they weren't getting one of these congrats threads so I decided to make one for them. I had the code all typed up and then I forgot to post it. Then I thought it was too late to post it. Now some of Triad is joining a new world, so i got reminded of this and I'm bored so here ya go.