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Just back to Grep after a prolonged absence and started in Pella. Trying to sum up my old Delta alliance, I was interested to know if there are any similar alliances here.

  • Somewhat cold and ruthless.
  • Consider it a military dictatorship
  • Remains neutral in wars not of their interest
  • Expansionist
  • Local
  • Mutual passive and active defence policy
  • Not too many members. Somewhere between 20-30 is ideal.
  • Eats their inactive own. City stays in alliance always.
  • Encourage group conquers or 'gangbanging'
  • Active alliance chat
  • Alliance forums not a complete maze

Thanks in advance for any info (I)



No MOS is completely the opposite.
They like to throw big parties (not cold and ruthless)
Are a republic and vote on everything including breakfast
Take part in all wars no matter how far away they are
They like to found on all the little rock islands
They have cities everywhere, the main goal of each MOS member is to have a city in each ocean
Defense forums and rules are non existant, because MOS regularly invite friends to come party in their cities
MOS have many alliance wings, including The Chosen Few, Band of Misfits, and The Shadow League
Give cities away to other alliances regularly to share the love around
MOS have no idea what Ingame forums are, so any coordination (Apart from organising parties) is non-existant
Ingame forums non-existant



^^^^ Awww can't rep that lol gotta spread it around just like mos love to ;)


Cool to see Finton back in grepo. Wher'd you go in Pi? Enth fell apart after you left.
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Haha thanks guys :p In all seriousness dude, if you are looking for a core alliance go to MOS, and if you have started on the rim i would recommend PfK.


I heard MOS leadership are the most annoying people to get on with.

*knock at the door*

Oh hey vol!

What's the pistol for..

What do you mean I know too much?

Hey come on now surely we can wo..


You aren't suggesting that Vol is actually Chuck Norris, can you?? omg...I guess he did show up in World of Warcraft so it makes sense that he shows up in Grepo and why MOS took over the world. I am just glad that he has allowed me to play Pella for so long. ;)