PA the pikey's


Am I the only player that is getting increasingly annoyed at PA's incapability to take anyone/anything active?

All they can do is take inactives, and personally I would rather fight people worth my time something of which these players (if that's what you can even consider them) are not

tthomas why are u even doing this?? clearly u are just trying to some1 off (i presume it's seerider but not sure) if u have nothing usefull to say plz dont say anything @ all. this forum is already dead, threads like these arent going to change that.


As far as im concerned i'm entitled to do as I please?

And no it's not aimed at Seerider it's aimed at PA as a whole I have no idea who you are and no offence nor do I care, I'm just saying how incapable they are seeing as some of there members like to big themselves up so much yet all they can do is take inactives'