Pacts ???


Pacts, who and why?? , or perhaps to save some face, just the number of pacts you have.

I don't understand the incessant need to pact, especially on the rim, and with so many alliances...
While most have finally figured how to hide it on their alliance link, they are still there, is it fear?
Is it the sense of togetherness?? ( other than one pact, it never works...)

It would seem member counts is the most deciding factor. Smaller alliances pact with those of larger numbers in sense of security,,, ok I somewhat understand, but don't agree with that thinking.
But why would a larger alliance have a lot of pacts with the smaller ones, what would be the benefit??

My alliance (Keres) has no pacts, and will not pact with anyone in O46, This was made clear from the start, mainly so we could freely gain BP's. But we seem to be odd one out of the remaining alliances out here.


Let's say it more or less like this; "Hey, you are the enemy of my enemy, lets be friends!" or "Hey, I can't deal with this alliance, can you help us? It's in your benefit as well!" or "Hey, did you see that alliance? They are a serious threat, let's pact. So we can weed them out!" or "Hey brothaaa, let's have some fun and kick some GUYZZZZZZ!"

These are the most reasons why pacts are done.

(last one was MRA style)


I don't know what to say to what you this said! :Angry: