Paid but didn't get it?

Abigaill Tomsen

You pay 50 gold to open a gift box late. You will get to choose one of the gifts for free, to receive the others you must pay an additional 50 gold. You cannot have 2 of the same gift active at once (ex: 10% wood bonus), but you can have 10%, 20% and 30% wood (or whatever) active at the same time. The bonus will show active with a timer below your city name.
When you select a gift, that decoration is active in your calendar.
You cannot receive the same bonus in a gift more than once, but you can change decorations in your calendar (which is why you receive the message " You will not receive the rewards for this decoration a second time" ) as many times as you want for an additional 25 gold.

Why does it cost gold simply to switch your decorations around? Because there was a contest for the best decoration with the winners receiving a fair amount of gold.
- 3000 Gold for first prize
- 2000 Gold for second prize
- 1000 Gold for third prize