Pandora's Box feedback thread.


Grepolis Team

On September 21st Pandora's Box returns! Please post any questions or feedback about the event in this thread.


I forgot how bad this event was....

Anyone else getting a more satisfying experience and rewards from island quests??

Somethings belong in the past, put Pandora back in her box and leave her there.
The Rewards can be a lot better i agree at the start. as for the event its honestly fun and very interesting i love how its made the Graphics or whatever :) for me its not that bad.

Myrddin Emyrs

What a terrible event no surprises here grepo needs a whole new revamp shut it down shut it all down and fix everything that's broken and needs fixing, playing grepo in 2022 nah last world for me goodbye cause we all know innogames don't care about the players.


Although i'll appreciate any event that comes my way this one I really don't care for. Not nearly as rewarding as the Odyssey event and have to put way more time into it to get the rewards


Seems like a great event for non-gold spenders, but overall extremely boring for everyone.

Would not recommend this event again.


This event is pretty lame, the 5hr cooldown on opening boxes is a stupid mecanic.

If there is going to be a cooldown atleast make it shorter.

Also please make events avalible on the phone, playing on your phone is a disadvantage as it is and this just widens the gap


I dont understand the comment about this being good for non gold spenders, this is singularly the most expensive event put out.

With 5 days left to run, I'm on box 24, so no hope of ever reaching the only reward worth having, box 39..

Yesterday I was still trying to reach the 40 box goal, today, I realise that unless I am prepared to spend £500, I wont make it. I spent £10 on 200 slingers to chase a spirit in the last box, with a 50% chance of success, it escaped.. this is just incredibly expensive for largely dreadful rewards.

I'm sure this event used to use the troops we had in cities, clearly that didn't raise enough money. I am a bit 'pot committed' now, but in future, will avoid this event. It has really soured my Grepolis experience.

Behold, my latest reward, a bargain at £30.reward.PNG
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@Hydna Why do you put up a feedback thread when you don't answer?

The event is awful, and the tokens are bugged as ****. Im getting harpies 420 population at box 26 with 400k points overall. Has a single soul even reached box 30 yet??


Grepolis Team
The feedback here is being closely monitored. We want you to enjoy all competitions and we want you to feel that they are fun to play and add value to the game. Here we have listened and changed the troops to in comp troops rather than your city troops for this competition and i hope that for next time we can address some other issues.

The tokens being all at level 1. This has already been amended but since it would create inequality if the change was implemented midway it will be in the next update after the comp finishes. The issue is that we can't manually change tokens already won (some of which will have been used) so to change midway just does not work fairly.

It would help if you discussed what you would like to see change, why and how in more detail. From this thread and from the feedback I have in tickets I can see that these are the issues:

1. The level 1 tokens
2. The frequency that spirits escape
3. The cooldown time
4. The difficulties (because of points 2 and 3) of reaching box 40.

I have been passing what is said to Inno but I expect that a full review will be done after the competition finishes when we have all the data. Anything extra you can add will be part of that.


That is a nice summary of my whine - I agree, my feedback wasn't very constructive, I was a bit frustrated in the moment!

I do spend money in the game, because I am happy for the game providers to get revenue from it, I just prefer to try and keep it in proportion. I am not bothered about the cool down period, because we can speed that up with a reasonable spend, and even without it spending, if the escape rate was lower, you could still do 3 boxes in a day, which would get you there.

It is the cost and number of troops, coupled with the escape rate that quickly adds up here, meaning I can only do 2 boxes per day on my budget.
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Does that mean the review will be how much have we made, we made a killing wont change a thing. Bad news we did not make much people must be unhappy better make the changes they asked for.

As for difficultly of getting to box 40 would be nice if most of us could even get to box 30 let alone 40.

I also bet no one else disagrees with the other 3 points either, do they think/ask anyone who players before they put there changes in place.


Im rank 3 currently on en136 and theres no way I see myself getting to box 40, if its not the top competitors who get there, who the hell is it?


I think its just fine having an event with mediocre rewards leading up to the stupid halloween one that's coming

I haven't golded at all and have even been in VM for a few days and will reach box 30+ easily. I think someone who was smart about it and good about setting alarms to open the boxes could get box 40 with roughly 10k gold spent, which seems about right for an OP BP buff, not everyone should have it or get it easy what would the point of that be