Announcement Pandosia- End of this Chapter

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Hello Pandosia Players,

Firstly, we wanted to thank you for your time spent on Pandosia. We would like to congratulate Repossession Agents on winning the world. This forum will be closed soon, but the posts will remain. You may discuss some of the events that helped to shape Pandosia below. To everyone who saw it through to the end, thank you.

Thank you,
Your Grepolis Team


addition of heroes was good and patience of players was even better


As leader of The Repossession Agents when the lights went out, I would like to take the time to thank all players involved in our victory, our alliance members of course and our allies from BeePee, The Saints, Four Horsemen and Scorpions but would also like to highlight the role of Black Ships, who were superb opponents, who never gave up, made us fight for victory until the end and made this hard fought victory more meaningful.
My respect and thanks to all
Good luck and good hunting
Untempered Schism