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SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2014

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It has been three weeks since the world Pandosia opened its doors and two weeks since Beginner's Protection (BP) ended and a lot has happened since then. Alliances have fallen, friends have been betrayed, pacts are constantly appearing and disappearing, and the best part of all; wars, wars everywhere.

Impact has fallen. The details as to why this happen are still a little unclear but it all points out to the leadership. All I know is that I woke up to find several members leaving and a few others that had already left. The leader then sent out the following statement: A lot of it was our own ego, some of it was the fact that after a few events we started to lose morale. and having someone in the forums causing problems, didn't really help. He also arranged with Wrecking Crew (WC) and Phoenix Rising (PR) to take in the best players leaving the rest to their own luck.

First we learned about the sabotage of Awoken Problem (AP). Some found it funny but other saw it as a childish act. Whether you agree or disagree with this tactic this is a war game and like they say everything is fair in war although we only see this tactic been used at the start of a world mainly to sabotage or disband a Mass Recruiting Alliance.

Out of the destruction of AP, Wrecking Crew was formed. Not all former members of AP joined WC, a good bunch went inactive right after the sabotage and a few others joined other alliances. So far they have been doing good with only a few city loses and internals. I tried to reach one of their leaders but had no success. Phoenix would have been a better name for them but too bad it was already taken.

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that GHOST DIVISION was going to fall once BP was over but they managed to hang around for a few days, long enough to rank first in Defensive Battle Points (DBP) for the first days after BP. However on the twelfth of July nearly every member left the alliance and went on their separate ways. Some joined Bones and Skulls and Family, others joined Supernatural East and Family, and the rest either went inactive or joined some other alliance. And on the fourteenth the leader was conquered by macca1975 from the alliance Impact.

The following was submitted to me about a week ago by an anonymous source. "When a lot of cities started ghosting around O55/45 and BnS started colonizing them seemingly within the day after they ghost, suspicions started to arise. It was decided that a report would be sent to Grepolis staff to see if anything was going on. Now we've discovered that a number of players in BnS have been banned. So is this "solid" alliance from Poros that nearly everyone says is a swimmer the same alliance that we see potentially ghosting their own cities to make their alliance look better?"


Since I didn't sent out interviews I decided to interview myself :heh: (Note: this is the only time I will use an emoticon in my paper)
Let's start with something simple, why did you decided to use numbers instead of letters in your username?
Cuz I'm 1337.

You claim to be "1337" yet you do not know how to internet, isn't that ironic?
Yeah whatever next question.

You seem to enjoy doing newspapers, why do you do them?
Who ever said I enjoy doing newspapers, are you crazy? The only reason I do them is to get rep and once I have the highest rep power I will de-rep everyone in the forum starting with the chicken guy who thinks he's witty and funny but he is not. This is not going into the paper is it?

So are you saying that if people stop reping you papers you will stop doing them?

About the world, why did you decided to play and join Impact?
My initial intent was to sabotage the alliance like I did with Nova Era in Olynthus. However after spending a little more than 15 minutes in the chat room with the guys for the first time in my life I felt like I belonged there with that bunch of crazy guys. So I decided to abandon my evil plans and stay.

So now that Impact has fallen, what will you do next?
Well, I hope I get picked up by WC or PR but if not I guess I will have to stop writing the paper.


Confirmed Wars

Wrecking Crew confirmed that they were not at war with a particular alliance but "taking the cities in 045." However one of the few alliance names the comes up in their stats too often is that of Bones and Skulls.

Legion confirmed to be fighting two wars one with Pheonix Rising and the other with The Dogs of War. So far they have taken the most cities but it is way too early to determine if they are going to able to continue fighting both sides.
LegionvsPhoenix Rising
LegionvsThe Dogs of War

Slap confirmed to be fighting Bones and Skull and Family. Despite being one alliance (not counting allies if they have any) against three (5 total) confirmed alliances they are holding their ground and have almost conquered the same amount of cities as their enemies.
SlapvsBones and Skulls and Family

With the fall of Impact this war is pretty much over. The remaining members of Impact can become easy targets for Terrahawks and any other alliance in the area.

I was told that Hanuman and Vodka Stealers are at war with Supernatural 300. So far Hanuman has done all the conquering but was told that thing are going to get more interesting in the upcoming weeks.
Hanuman and Vodka StealersvsSupernatural 300

Unconfirmed Wars

The Buccaneers did not confirmed any wars but similar to WC stats show that they have been taking cities from various alliances and -The Musketeers- in particular.
The Buccaneersvs-The Musketeers-


While reading the thread Week One: Gossip I came across an statement from ShreftyThred about diplomacy and how important it can be in this game. This was his statement "diplomacy is often overlooked but if you play your cards right, it can give you a huge advantage. many times accomplishing unexpected things." I then asked the diplomats of various alliances some questions regarding the statement above and this is what some of them had to say.

How long have you been a diplomat?
I have been a diplomat in different worlds for different alliances since I started playing Grepolis in Alpha world. Can't say I am too good at it 'cause I am an aggressive player and don't like to be too polite with other players, especially with my enemies.

Do you agree with what ShreftyThred said? Why or why not?
I totally agree with it! Diplomacy can avoid your alliance big threats and possible wars early in the game providing a peaceful growth in the beginning, which in my opinion is essential for building the structures of a strong and long lasting alliance. I think after 3 months in a speed 2 world diplomacy is not needed anymore. Alliances have created a core and some good friendships so it's time to fight it out

Do you have any examples or past experience that can aid your argument?
The best example of a diplomat is stirlo of Harpoon. In every world they play he is the main reason they survive. They can't be called elite players but his talent in diplomacy has made them win worlds easily.
How long have you been a diplomat?
I have been a diplomat on and off for about two years. I have done basically every job possible in any alliance and have found diplomacy is one I was very good at.

Do you agree with what ShreftyThred said? Why or why not?
Of course I agree with what Shrefty said. An alliance that works can give you a momentum boost to get back on track in a world or consolidate a strong position currently held. I do feel it has to be the right alliance though diplomacy has to measured and to much or too little can be detrimental.

Do you have any examples or past experience that can aid your argument?
All I have to say is the lack of diplomacy in Paros with Venom 2.0. I didn't start as a diplomat there but I feel the fact that we didn't consider diplomacy and the fact that we were stronger than any alliance in the world probably even as strong as two of the strongest alliances together pushed the whole world to try and get rid of us. I feel the members of chaos hunters I persuaded to join us helped us get back on track venom 2.0 eventually merged with black legion to form black venom and is on course to win the world.


Name: Lady Dancing With The Moon
Artist: C4R105

You can submit your own art creations to me by PM here or in game.
Your art piece should not exceed 640 pixels in width and length.
For every art piece that you submit (2 maximum per week) you will receive 1 point.
If you art piece gets featured in the next issue you will receive 5 additional points.
Once you have 10 points you have the option to trade them for an extra entry in the lottery.
New World

We set sail to distant lands,
To fertile plains with leafy fans,
Farms and food we build and grow,
For a great civilization we plow.

The meadows green and honey sweet,
Several trees, even strong ones like teak,
The forests lush and deep,
Loads of lumber to reap

A quarry lying asleep,
Limestone to crack,
Carry them to slopes steep,
Walls to build to protect our keep

A mine runs in the deep,
Veins of gold, silver heaps,
Coins to mint, money to make,
Prosperity is ours to take,

A senate to make,
Decisions to take,
Taxes to rake,
From trades that awake

A city to build,
With people to fill,
Trades to open,
To be a merchant’s haven

Thus we sail on with dreams aloft,
From rough clay we mould,
Our power impossible to curb and control,
We unleash ourselves to this New World.


Former member of Terrahawks
Best rank: 6; ABP: 3,589; conquered by Impact
Award: Biggest loser (4 cities)

Best rank: 527; ABP: 28; conquered by Impact
Award: First loser

El Fisherman
Best rank: 126; ABP: 253; conquered by Impact
Award: Fishes
Awoken Problem
Best rank: 1; ABP: 31,619; sabotaged

F i r e H e l l
Best rank: 20; ABP: 4,522; why restart with the same name?

Best rank: 29; ABP: 6,471


Last week winner: #14 Rock5 and chinnie
Reward: 500 Hera favor total / 250 each

This week rules: Choose a number from 1 to 25.
Prize: 500 Hera favor plus 27 BP
2. Njoob
3. Shred13
4. abordoli
5. Pickled Soldier
6. Lonehunter5
7. bowzer
8. vikktn
9. Illioneous
10. Bond 007
11. chadler17
13. lycanmaster
14. KeithBenning
16. Rock5
17. Joseph Nieves
19. chinnie
20. buddy1971
21. hristijankiko
22. civecnavi
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WooDoo Hunter

I have no clue where you are getting your intel, but The Buccaneers never lost city to the musketeers. Well we never lost city at all :)


Slap confirmed to be fighting Bones and Skull and Family. Despite being one alliance (not counting allies if they have any) against three (5 total) confirmed alliances they are holding their ground and have almost conquered the same amount of cities as their enemies.

does this change any minds about being a sinking alliance ??



Good stuff again! Wish there were more interviews but i know how it goes, anyways top marks! Ill take 13 this week