Newspaper Pandosia Post III


Pandosia Post III

Welcome To the 3rd Edition of Pandosia Post!

In this issue:
Competition & Results!
Alliance Autobiography!

Competition and Competition Results!
The Number is 18!
The winner is Ragnar Lockbr0ck With the number 17
Second place is Vaesar
And 3rd place is Cheesen

This time i want you guys to guess the amount of cookies in this jar! (It will be between 50-100)

Strategies: The City Wall!
While your city is still small, you main worry will probably be that of being farmed (attacked for resources/battle points)
by a bigger player. Bigger players will attack you to gain battle points and possibly to take your resources. The key to making
yourself an unattractive target is to have a high level city wall, which will make your defender much more cost-effective and
thereby attacks less cost-effective. Therefore, the attacker would rather attack someone else, with worse defense and lower
city walls. Once your city grows beyond 5000 points, you will want to have both tower (depending on city strategy, see multi-city guide)
and level 25 city as it will otherwise be a juicy target because of being such a big city. Having such good defenses also means you can
focus a bit less on defensive troops and spend more of your available population on attacking units.

The Last Mohicans!
"um, we spent most of this server fighting the buccaneers, plan b, the drifters, atlantis, and beepee (RIP to them all)

Atlantis of course merged into the bucs and plan b and beepee changed their name. at last look against these alliances, the takes and losses are below" -SmiffKnight

now, since they all folded and joined various alliances, we are fighting the alliances Raging Horde, THEAN HORDE, *Finger*, ENIGMA, Legion XIII, and Back to the Future

here are the stats for those wars

The Last Mohicans vs *Finger* -> 21-0
The Last Mohicans I vs *Finger* -> 3-4
Mohicans vs *Finger* total -> 24-4

note here - they have taken 0 that were posted and defended, so kudos to them for helping us shed a little fat

The Last Mohicans vs Back to the Future -> 35-2
The Last Mohicans I vs Back to the Future -> 26-3
Mohicans vs Back to the Future total -> 61-5

The Last Mohicans vs Raging Horde -> 11-0

[Alliance Autobiography!
The Last Mohicans

The alliance was founded on July 2 of 2014, on this server. It started out two separate alliances, The last mohicans, and beast mode. We figured we could do more
damage together than fighting one another, so we merged. The alliance system is neither democracy or dictatorship, there are 5-6 leaders who make decisions
together. We are not an MRA, we have a strict activity policy. If you cant stay green, you are food.

We have caught a lot of flack for not fighting Repo or people even say we havent fought anyone.. well when we first merged, we were pacted with the buccaneers and
plan b. All of a sudden they break our pact agreement and came below the 45/46 border, bowzers wanted to fight so we fought. Both the bucs and plan b were larger
than us to begin with, and they still lost. as you can see, they no longer exist. well before they fell, we found a mutual dislike for them with repo and that made
a bond between our alliances. personally, i feel that if anyone doesnt like that we are pacted, then they can go suck an egg. Our diplomatic choices are ours alone
to make, and theyre really no one elses business. Somehow we have managed to make it to the #2 in alliance fighters, and that didnt happen by chance.

And , due to popular demand , here is the copyright speech
Copyright © 2014 by Talon Babb
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher



where's the gossip column? i wanna see the WAGs, too. ;)

*edit* forgot to post my guess...#73

Pure Rage

interesting read, looking forward to some more alliance autobiographies


This server might prove to be very interesting come WW time.
There are a few alliances that seems will remain very strong by then.
If that proves to be true there is a possibility for some very good battles ahead.

Laritha Spear

This server might prove to be very interesting come WW time.
There are a few alliances that seems will remain very strong by then.
If that proves to be true there is a possibility for some very good battles ahead.


or another ally builds a wonder , then repo have to go get it (or someone else)
i am with komagos, its not over yet

edit: may as well take a number #99
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