Pandosia's You laugh you lose Pic off Topic Thread


Since the forum is boring but we have alot of viewers I thought I would start this thread.


1.This is a picture thread only

2.Before posting a photo please consider if it is safe for work and for younger posters cant post porn, racist posts or anything of that sort which could cause offence.

4.Don't quote pics. Ever. It has an effect on loading times for the threads, bandwidth, and makes the thread more difficult to read

5.NO CHAT! This is a picture thread. For pictures


Hehee. I have laughed quite a few throughout the thread. :D

I apologize for not responding to your message Doom, I have been pretty busy between my two worlds (RL & Grepo). ;)

As this is an off-topic thread we cannot have it on the world specific forums; however, since I am such a WONDERFUL moderator I will allow it. ONLY if we can incorporate some Pandosia pictures as well. The original rules for the thread and the forum rules still apply. Let me know if we can do this?

Thankies lovelies. <3


enemies evil plan is implemented
but . . .
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