Announcement Parting Company :)


Sup Olympia,

As you may have noticed I turned Blue a few weeks ago. With this my responsibilities and focus tends to get diverted elsewhere. Olympia has been the best world i have modded ever and its sad that i need to pass it down to someone else. I wouldn't let this world go to Just anyone, so i have made arrangements for you to be left in the capable hands of Ryan.

Ryan likes his banter, likes his fun and is pro at modding. treat him with the same respect you have shown me and you will love him. It's been emotional you bunch of noobs

Jack (Fotns)

*edit* i will post here just like a regular user though, no way in hell am i missing out on the banter here :D

P.s - shameful promoting of my new alliance for world Helorus
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Ryan likes his banter, likes his fun and is pro at modding.

The key points here really. Having me as your mod will be no different than having Jack. Although his colour is a little nicer. I'm farely lenient, so I won't step in unless it necessary but I'm sure everyone knows the limits.

That said, I'm told you guys are a lot of fun so hopefully you can continue that and give me the same entertainment you did Jackie.


Good luck FOTNS, been nice having you around, and i do hope Ryan can fill your shoes!

If he is atleast close as good as you were it will be just as good!

Good luck and be sure to drop by sometimes!


Aw dang! Still hope to see you around ! I hope Ryan knows that he will probably be doing a lot of deleting here.. Mainly mine ;)

Red is a depressing colour , can you change to light green? I like that one.


Your mod skills have been extraordinary. You will certainly be missed.

You have your work cut out for you. Welcome!


Hope you guys are all well, thought i would check in too see how my bro's and chicks are doing


Ryan doesnt seem to be our Mod anymore so who is i want to complain lol?


The Titans and admins are your moderators right now.
Feel free to shoot me a PM.

- Lane