Past Fails


We all were noobs at one point. We all have success and fails.
Now going back and looking at them, I am loling so hard at what I wrote in my thread and what kind of person I was.

Presenting my list of fails. (Feel free to share yours). Laugh all you want. :D

PLEASE DO NOT BUMP/POST/REMAKE any of the threads you have seen and read here. They are considered "dead". Otherwise enjoy yourself and laugh at me all you want.

One of my favorite ones; @Daizan, you still owe me that spy report.
The Hidden Shadows Recruitment thread made by me

Wheres my award!?

I have no idea what was going on when I wrote this.
My end of the world idea!

I am a gold abuser.
New Premium please...

Sim City Effects Forever!
Is it snowing?

The Epic Debate hosted by yours truly, ArShark, in 2012!
Romney v. Obama (Comedy Included)

We still need this, honestly my best idea ever!
Failed Idea.
Sorry but as I was a bigger noobs than all of you there is no way I'm showing you my posts. I pretty sure I already deleted all of them anyway :p


I think my biggest post fail has to be this one ........

everything else i have ever posted is pretty awesome !!