PE is Disbanding What


also for the guy who thinks GOSS ran, he is moving so he went on VM for the week. Hell be back in a few days, you should probably prepare your defenses!
Well my defences are prepared and my CS' are ready. Hell of a long week though huh.


About time. I think the crimsons are about ready to go to war with PE if the penetrate us too far.
;) You need to stop smoking what Rudi's got, cause you can't handle it, it is giving you delusions of greatness along with some hallucinations.

:p Integrating other Crimsons into each other and calling it conquest does not count you know, but it's the ONLY evidence of a Crimson war with PE i have seen so far.

:pro: Get a grip and get some fighting done, or it will be all over before you actually get started.