So im trying to free up some population in one of my cities (city X), so i attack one of my other cities (city Y) and when the attack lands, it says on my notifications "City X is visiting City Y during peacetime" and i get off. Ive attacked my own cities before but it just wont let me do it anymore, was there an update that it was implented in? or whats going on.


Ive played since Delta and thats what happened there.. One time it was something to do with tea or something.

You can just support a city and attack it, thats the best way


I believe that has been in place for a while. Abuse prevention.

Then again, why attack your own cities to free up pop and gain battle points when you can attack enemy or neutral city?

Basically, be aggressive :p


well my city is surrounded by allies and all the other ones are already cleared so im just trying to quickly get rid of it. but my real question is, why doesnt it do it everytime, ive attacked my own cities before


I've never known Grepo to let you attack your own cities, unless it is under siege by someone else.

If you want to free up pop, attack a village on you island that you have not already conquered.

Alternatively if you want to keep bp's within the alliance, then send someone a Bir, and then send unescorted transports with the troops that you do not want - though it is good to PM the player before you send the attack :D As he will get the bp's, he will probably not mind ... :)