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The Great Toast

The premade alliance in lambda.
And our biggest rivals Narwhals
We will ignore your pathetic pleas to stop farming you, and the more you ask the worse it’s going to get.
Does this like it was written by some overreaching narwhal?
I didn’t think so.
If you wish to join contact our leader aznxasazn and hope he has mercy on your soul.
If his name is to hard to type you can always click the link n00b.
We are not a peace loving alliance and will stop at nothing to rip out your guts and use them to strangle narwhals.
If you want to join while messaging our leader us this format:
1. Previous experience (With grepostats link)
2. Activity
3. How do you like your narwhal? Grilled or Fried?
4. How many narwhals have you killed during your life time.
5. If you had the opportunity would you throw poop at aicy?
6. On a scale from 1-10 how much do you like penguins?
7. On a scale from 1-10 how much do you hate narwhals?
8. Are you a house-elf?
9. Are you a n00b?
10. Do you have rockin' kicks?
11. Which song would you rather listen to? Never Gonna Give You Up! Or the Narwhal song.
12. What color is my hat?
13. Why did you read this far into my list?
14. Do you like waffles?
If you do not we will ignore you.
If you have ANY history with the Narwhals we will say no, we don’t like spies.
PS We can use grepo stats, our flippers do not slow us down.
More info:
Founder and Almighty Leader: aznxasazn
War General: Teh Penguin
Councilors: Legokiller, JTin46, Milonius, and tyroncs
Scribe: The Great Toast
*If you find anything wrong with this post please contact The Great Toast and hope he wont stab you with his pen, because of course, this is hand written.

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I would join if I wasnt already in a supercool, penguin eating, horn having, uber fantastic, alliance.



We will ignore your pathetic pleas to stop farming you
You mis-phrased that. Let me correct it for you...

You should ignore our pathetic pleas to stop farming us
I wish you luck all the same for Betsy is coming for you!

we don’t like spies.
< Oh dear lord! Stop the irony.