The worst Conquest ever? So i restarted on here the other day as i like sigma due to it's high speed. A few days in i'm at 600 points and i get conquered.....could this be the lowest point conquest ever?

Players name is Gwagner he's named the city saber-tooth just incase you don't believe me lol.

I'll be leaving this world now as i've been rimmed one too many times via big players who can't seem to pick on reasonably sized targets :p

Have fun reading this post, i must admit even i had to laugh when i saw the direction compass come up when i logged in :D


this guy from xi conquered 2 cities under 270 points :D

so unfortunately your city seems almost gargantuan in comparison!

EDIT: after a small amount of digging i've found a player in xi who conquered 6 cities under 300 points!!! surely there can't be any more ridiculous than that! :D
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My lord, players like that should just be kicked from the game or just bolted out of existence....