Petition: End Constant Morale Worlds On Conquest


Better late than never but morale is a joke. Shouldn't have the effect it does this late into a world. In reference to EN113 where most here play on

EDIT: A slight fix would be no moral on sieges but even still removing the 20k point player from your island will be a pain so their still may be abuse using a LMD but on a much lower scale as LMDs no longer affect sieges.
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Active morale is rewarding mediocrity and penalizing those who work harder. What's next? Participation trophies?

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I'll sign...

And offer a simple suggestion to CHANGE the morale system very simply to eliminate it from being weaponized.

Morale ONLY applies to the city that belongs to the low morale player. The Morale DOES NOT extend to a CS sitting in a port. A low morale player shouldn't be rewarded for being low morale, and a high morale player shouldn't be penalized for being high morale. If a low morale player drops in a CS on a high morale player, the morale for attacking the siege continues to match the morale of the player who OWNS the city, not the player who owns the CS.

What would this do? It would protect the city of the low morale player, but it would not allow that player to be used as a weapon by large alliances that can't actually take a city by any other means. If the morale is in place to give new players a better chance, then this method would work. But, would eliminate the weaponization of low morale players, because that goes against the idea that they are being protected. If they can drop a CS on a bigger player... then they should also be able to ask for help in holding the siege.

Oh well... Inno will do what it wants.