Petition to bring LMDs back


LMAO Shuri... so well said. And accurate. They worked so hard to eliminate LMD (have I complained that it was mid-world? ;)), it's probably easier to nerf Ares. But theoretically, if devs adore Ares, and with Aphro around too, there's no reason LMDs would be overpowered any more.


Well after 3.5 yrs I can't believe I'm here doing this, but I would like to petition to bring siege morale back.

After the recent changes to the game, I think it would now be a balanced mechanic to add back in.
you want us not to play qonqeuest and play alone. hahaha


No. sieges are finally contested, and we can enjoy it finally...

guess your game is only good at being an LMD, so u fit no more in grepo lol

sieges have been contested for last 2 years at any fast conquest world due to never ending events with smaller and smaller gap in between, i really dont think you will like the world with ares when someone starts blowing up your sieges every single time you try to siege any top rank ally, hell even mra teams of 60-120 peopl will have at least 3-5 solid players who understand the advantage of using ladons and given the fact that 1 landon nuke can easely kill 14-18k dlu alone i dont think it would take that many to kill any siege in early and mid stage of the world, late stage might require half or entire ally coordinating on siege break but as of right now, not even 200k sieges are gonna be marked as "LOST" , for me this marks the end of competitive grepolis where teams that have good coordination and planning had the upper hand, now any fool and mra with ladons can blow up sieges on teams and players 10x their skill and organization level.

i dont dispute that they will be good for any lone wolf player that cares about attacker/fighter rank but other than that, overall growth and wars will be a lot worse.


It's funny to see how some are for, some are against LMDs now, I started this thread just to see that. Most were for its removable before.

I have to say --- nothing but complete removal of Ares / complete change to spells / units will balance the game.

An LMD won't stop 1 hit still wiping 10k+ DLU from Spartoi alone.