Petition to bring LMDs back


It's funny to see how some are for, some are against LMDs now, I started this thread just to see that.

Well obviously some will be for and some will be against anything posted which gives an option

That's the biggest umbrella stating you did the post just to see that as soon as more were basically saying "bog off"


LMD is the only way to prevent the hugging. It separates the skill from the golders and mass simmers. I agree with Thooury, bring it back as a world specific setting.

Lmd doesn’t prevent hugging. Groups were allying all over 121 and 127.


It is a undeniable fact that LMD allows medium and smaller alliances the ability to compete.

Those that do not advocate the return of LMD (or a replacement mechanic) are against the viability of smaller teams competing with larger ones.

There is a name for people who play on larger teams that scream and belly ache to have the rules changed even more in their favor.



Disagree on LMDs being the answer. The actually useful LMDs end up on the bigger/elite teams. Because they're not going to play for a smaller team or a rim team. The main issue with a smaller team or a rim team is that there's no rim and less players. The teams have been more or less set for a few years and if you're a new player trying to break in then there's no real place for you that has a shot. The map is getting smaller and its largely doing so because Inno doesn't put effort into growing the base.

The thing that's starting to piss me off about these updates is that none of them address this issue. Inno is just yeeting poorly planned updates into the game that sounded cool in a board meeting and hoping it maintains what they have, which its not. When it doesn't immediately work out on the first try, they move onto the next poorly planned update.

If you actually want smaller, newer, and/or late joining teams to compete. Then Inno needs to actually advertise the game and Inno needs to completely change the opening stages and midgame stages of the world so that its new/casual player friendly. This would also require the established fanbase of this game to accept that the start of the world will probably be less exciting.


Rim teams don't exist because the player base is the same 300 people battling each other, LMD CQ's are not the answer. Inno needs to actually play the game and look at all the flaws instead of just adding a new god every 6 months - that being said maybe they should bring back LMD in future CQ because lol ares + gold goodluck holding any siege ever

edit: forgot to mention, new teams (and new players) aren't even fully aware of how LMD works, LMD sieges are just a cheesy tactic for the already experienced alliances to work with.. There's better ways for inno to help the game than add a problematic feature back in to the game.