Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game


Doing it without violating copyright laws ... "our" developers can heap some profits (advisors only) and at the same time, we enjoy the privileges of playing in non-gold worlds ;):p


so i messaged the us mods about this and they have failed to reply, i post on the en forums and i get an infraction. did the NKVD host a seminar on customer service for inno?


Pointless arguing about this...when the devs put this on hold they said that they will look into it more before releasing it later on(or some such BS). Even after so many players signed the petition saying they don't want this feature at all inno simply turned a deaf ear. The devs always do what they want,they never listen to the community so there's really no reason to sign this all over again or ask mods for an explanation. The devs said they will still release this later on and that's what's finally happening.


Silly people... the game is already pay to win.

Just let inno milk the people who pay so much anyway because they would not last a week after BP otherwise yet are already considered fantastic "must recruit this guy into my premade" material.

Whats another extra couple thousand battle points or couple extra cities lost compared to the satisfaction you guys can get knowing just how much they had to pay for that extra one city.

Let them flaunt their keyboards to all their friends and talk about this incredible game that they are complete PWNAGE in and it only costs them a thousand $$ a month.

Let me be the first to sign the "I approve" petition.

Michael Cook

I'm likely too late to the party but I do want to let it be known that I support this petition and will gladly sign it as well.

Hasan Naqvi

And I was thinking if its worth it to become active again...

Why am I not shocked? (Pay to win became their key policy more than an year ago)


Can't believe Inno has restarted the packages with practically the exact same bonuses as the whole petition was about, infact they have increased. 16x heightened senses is this some kinda joke?

With the bundles & packages, our intention is not to throw off the balance of the game, the packages that will be offered will be beneficial to both the players, as well as InnoGames. After releasing the feature on the Beta server we have realized that this feature may have unintended consequences and we have therefore decided to put this feature on hold until it can be reworked and re-evaluated by our game design and development team.

The only reworking done is on the graphics and name.. What Inno appears to be forgetting is the same players annoyed by this last time are still here!!


So INNO just earns 80$ for giving away some game codes. I think I'm about to be a MMORTS game developer soon! I could just hide in a corner, release some personal coding of mine that will attract players! And I can take all those $ in my pocket! :)

After all the game server will run on the basic gold purchases anyways. I'd have nothing to loose having some more money and let the bigger kids troll the smaller kids more, afterall its just a game ;)


What Inno appears to be forgetting is the same players annoyed by this last time are still here!!
This is why they are doing it cos everyone complains about inno being terrible yet the same cry babies are still here, go look at this thread and count the numbers of little whingers threatening to quit. They are ALL still around buying mass amounts of gold. Inno know that barely any will actually follow through with quitting or not gold spending

bima aa

This is ridiculous. All of you should aware that we can play freely here because of the people that's willing to spend money on the game. Hadn't they pay, we might be seing the grepo game to charge us fee ti play or they might even dispose of this game. I don't see any wrong thing of givin those that pay an advantage. Note that i am a free user