Phantom Sultanate

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Ok so this is the introduction part of my premade so youse probarly want to know my expierance as a player and leader.
That is the Stats of an alliance i currently lead here is my player stats

We will be located South East (ocean 55) and this will be for a conquest speed 1 or 2 world and no morale

Alliance Aims
What i want my alliance to achieve at the least is Safety for our members as that is what an alliance is for.That is not all our aims we want to be a dominate force.

Additional Information​
We will be using skype and even if you arent in this alliance add me on it but back to the point we will have a skype chat for those who have it and its okay if you dont we have alliance forums.
Ive got the alliance picture sorted out:)

Ill currently accept anyone in the alliance if they have had a previous expierance.Just message in game or on these forums with your grepostats to prove your expierance

Douxz Returns​
Hello, I'm Douxz. You may remember me from word Beta last year. Me and the team lead ‘"This is Sparta", to rank 2 in the world. This time we will make it work by spending more time and making sure that everyone has a say. I am able to be active as i was unable to play and had to stop last time due to family issues. Good luck.and enjoy.

Members list​
WM802,Douxz,Lugosi(JTin46),The Great Toast,Prince of Peace
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it looks like a good alliance, lookin forward to work with you


Everyone if your reading this we will be going on Pi, even tho its got morale its got good settings.
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