Newspaper Pharae Chronicles Issue Three

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    Pharae Chronicles

    Issue Three​

    Table of Content
    • Introduction
    • Top 12 Rankings
    • Deep Dive Ocean Analysis
    • Wars
    • Last Few Conquests


    Hello, and welcome to the new world of Pharae, the 114th world on the EN server. Here today is Rock5, also known as Americanmercenary2 ingame reporting to you live new (I’m playing for real in this world.)

    New Event Trial of the Slingers: In less than 2 days, the Slinger event will end! Break the pottery and collect your eggs/rewards before it is too late!

    More information can be found HERE

    The following are the rankings in the three weeks since the world opening:

    Top 12 Rankings

    Top 12 Players

    Top 12 Alliances

    Top 12 Alliance ABP

    Top 12 Alliance DBP

    Deep Dive Ocean Analysis

    Top Alliances of O44

    Top Alliances of O45

    Top Alliances of O54

    Top Alliances of O55

    Global Map

    Hug This vs Home Alone
    16 - 1

    Hug This vs Ronin of the rim
    10 - 0

    9 - 0

    Sit down and shut up vs LOTR Gold Trade
    8 - 0

    Sit down and shut up vs MAD DOGS
    7 - 0

    Sit down and shut up vs Crazy Days
    5 - 0

    Sit down and shut up vs Hug This
    0 - 4

    True Fear vs Order and Chaos
    8 - 0

    True Fear vs OnE fOr ThE RoAd
    6 - 0

    True Fear vs Gold Mine
    5 - 0

    Alecta Nemesis vs Out of Darkness
    6 - 0

    Alecta Nemesis vs God of Darkness
    5 - 0

    Alecta Nemesis vs elias alexis
    2 - 0

    NONAME vs Fiasco United
    1 - 14

    NONAME Winged Torment
    5 - 1

    NONAME vs Hug This
    0 - 6

    Recent Conquests

    Here are the last few conquests that have been happening in the world. (source: Grepolife)


    I’m back with another issue this week! Let me know down below what you want to add. There’s no interviews this week as I just got back from Spring Break. Stay tuned for next week’s paper (Coming out on 3/20/19)!
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  2. 1saaa

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    Oct 7, 2018
    you know: i really appreciate you going through the time to make this. but all you are doing is listing rankings and conquests. all it does is make a weekly tracker of alliance rankings. i think the best part of a newspaper is the analysis of wars and fighting. giving some of the latest gossip about leaders. that makes a newspaper fun and informative.

    and don't say there are no wars either. i am sure there is more than enough fighting to do one or two analysis.

    hell, you could probably do two analysis from just 44!
  3. The Prodigy

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    Mar 14, 2019
    Love the effort. Newspapers make the world go round (at least on externals). Only suggestion is along the lines of 1saa's comment. We don't want facts, we can get them anywhere. More opinion, stories, theories and general BS enhance the read.
  4. Ranga1

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    Jan 27, 2014
    How's that war ging against gold mine and true fear going :D
  5. jameslongst

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    May 25, 2011
    Those wars are mostly just food getting eaten, but that Fiasco vs. NoName...ouch.
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  6. Athena90

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    Apr 11, 2014
    I'm curious to see True Fear next moves.
    They have a good core in the future domination area.
    They are the most dangerous Hug's competitors .
    Was not itsbeeawhile a former True Fear member in previous worlds?
    What's happened here?
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  7. NutsNBoltz

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    Aug 11, 2017
    IBAW was my boy from en99. once a fiasco boy, always a fiasco boy. Except when he tried to play with thermo lol

    I would like to see the interviews and analysis though. keeps things interesting