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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IceBlade, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. IceBlade

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    Well Iota, it's about damn time. Ever since we started this alliance (Phenomenon) three weeks ago, we've had a TON of action. Spanked around the Berserker team a bit, and then THE REBELS side-tracked me with their peace talks, while attacking our players at the same time (then they took a bit of a spanking as well) and even Bad Company and Little Brother are involved.

    So... 20 players, all fairly active, against a plethora of attackers from all over the O74/75/76 and 64/65/66 area. Bravo Iota. You have restored the fun in this game after all this time... And we are proud to be a part of it. If it was me, I would have done the same thing. Got all my friends to kick your butts out of our oceans.

    "Who do these little guys think they are? Coming into our oceans taking whatever they want... Where the hell did they come from? And WHAT?!There's only 20 of them!? Let's show them we mean business!"

    For us, it's business as usual ;) I just want to know... Why, all of a sudden, all 4 alliances jump on the bandwagon just because we delivered a spanking to THE REBELS because they defied and NAP that THEY tried to start with US? Why do you hate us so much Iota?! :(

    Stay tuned! I know you all have been watching those Rebels drop in the ranking list. Ask B4DB0Y why he activated VM only TWO HOURS after we began our op on him. Geez... At least Sealius and Serpicus TRIED to fight us off. Serpicus went down fighting. Sealius... Well... He's always enjoyed the VM button after losing a couple of cities.

    :supermad: Fight Fight Fight!! :pro:

    I love you all! But I love my team more! :cool:
  2. NAJHI

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    badboy had to go... work

    and we all attacked u because

    1.u took refugess from Borg

    2. took cities from LB

    3.attacked the berserkers

    4.bad co and the circle because u took their targets

    any other ?
  3. I'd like to add:

    5. They pillaged our villages.

    6. They plundered our harbors.

    7. They raided our whorehouses.

    8. They play 80s techno pop music at their parties.

    9. They chose an alliance name I can't spell for the life of me.

    10. Rumor has it, they iron jeans. WHO irons jeans? really.
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  4. najimur

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    11. they're too far away to kill me!

    btw rooster. you know when they raided the whorehouse, what did they do?
  5. IceBlade

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    Excuses, excuses. B4DB0Y had to go to work? Like the rest of us in our day to day lives lol... No offense Najhi, but you're not even a factor in this war.

    1. Define refugees? 7 people holding their own in a dying/inactive alliance without losing cities to countless attacks from an alliance twice their size. Sound like great fighters to me. (Reminds me of those good old Brotherhood guys ;) Actually, I know them all personally now, and I can tell you that Berserker never had a chance, if Borg had more active alliance members willing to fight.

    2. LB was continuously getting stomped on. When we were Evo, and now that we're our own team, they will continue to deteriorate. Big props to CharlesTheGrinningBoy... Great player in my opinion. Nightfire25 can time attacks fairly well, but failed miserably in taking the city he wanted from me.

    3. Not worth talking about. As I've stated before, Berserker is a joke of an alliance. I killed 4 of dtrumps CSs yesterday with fake LS attacks. No retaliation.

    4. Bad Company seems to attack people only when those alliances are being attacked by others. They have some good players, but are too far to make a difference to us right now. THE CIRCLE just wanted us out of 76... And I don't blame them.

    Bring the noise!!! :pro:
  6. NAJHI

    NAJHI Guest

    im in the rebels so how am i not a factor in this war
  7. IceBlade

    IceBlade Guest

    Who have you attacked recently? The only reason you haven't been targeted is because 85% of us would get hit hard with morale penalty lol. As they say, there are bigger fish to fry. You're just a guppy :D

    Don't take it personal. I'm not trying to slam you. I'm just saying, you won't be playing with the big guns anytime soon.
  8. NAJHI

    NAJHI Guest

    if im a guppy how come i have more BP then your 200000 point player lexlouther
  9. IceBlade

    IceBlade Guest

    Check the stats again buddy. He's ranked 39th in DBP... You have nowhere near as much BP as him... Which would explain why he has more than twice the amount of cities you do.
  10. NAJHI

    NAJHI Guest

    sorry for the double post

    but i forgot Lex was a noob who cann only conqure ghosts
  11. NAJHI

    NAJHI Guest

    attacking BP
  12. IceBlade

    IceBlade Guest

    What are you like 9 years old? You realize nothing you say makes sense, so you call out somebody who is obviously better than you, and call them a noob... You have 10 cities and 38k total BP... You have no room to call other people noobs LOL! Go attack some stuff. Conquer a city of his... Then talk your nonsense. Until then, take a lap around your fishbowl guppy.
  13. NAJHI

    NAJHI Guest

    9? im in my 20's

    and tell Lex if he moves into 75 me and MILK will kick his a** for the 2nd time
  14. IceBlade

    IceBlade Guest

    Because you obviously did so well the first? He's still around and double your size. Are you Milk's puppet? Doesn't seem you grew too much from your alleged battle with Lex. Let me guess... You've been at work and don't have time to grow. Fight more, talk less. Your stats can't back your voice up.
  15. NAJHI

    NAJHI Guest

    who said work has anything to do with it
  16. najimur

    najimur Guest


    you have a similar name to me (najimur is my rl name btw)
  17. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    najimur shh i like reading iceblade slapping najhi :p:p:p

    you know my vote RIM HIM RIM HIM lol
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  18. najimur

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    najhi is the second worlds greatest man (after me) because he has naj in his name

    najhi owns :)
  19. BDG2

    BDG2 Phrourach

    Jun 29, 2011
    Ha ha, i love when we are called refugees. Can someone define that for me. By my count, the Rebels, Berserker, or any other group from that coalition have yet to take a city off of me. In fact, my last act as a member of Borg was to snatch a city off of Boru1. I felt it was a nice way to leave and good housewarming present for my new squad. At any rate, 10 city guy, i have never seen you pop up on my city screen with an attack. But give me some time, i will bring the fight to you. To hell with morale :)

    UPDATE: You have 6 conquers. 4 of which were ghosts. The other two may as well have been ghosts because they weren't Borg or Phenom. LOL.
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  20. QCI TCG

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    ref·u·gee A person who has been forced to leave their country (in grepo terms alliance) in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster<--- (definition of iceblade)

    ref·u·gee A person who has been forced to leave their country (in grepo terms alliance) in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster<--- (definition of iceblade)

    NAJHI sapph is going to get you :p
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