Phenomenon - Most Hated?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IceBlade, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. LaBandolera

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    seems reunion-phenomenon is the most intensive battle atm
  2. QCI TCG

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    pretty much who would have seen that coming. goooooo phenomenon
  3. Lane

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    WooooHooooo...Go Pheno ! :) :p
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  4. BBCue

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    i agree. the fight between Reunion vs Phenom is epic. of all the oceans, i think the fighting in O75 has the deepest history and now by far the most fabled attackers. anyone who has more than 200k ABP would want to participate in that war at any capacity... even as the waterboy xD
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  5. Jennesis

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    It's funny how you always seem to have something to say about you don't know about. Not that I have much going on in O75 either, but at least I'm not sticking my nose in it.

    Last I checked you weren't even a part of that war so, once again, you've got your nose all up in the sidelines reporter position. Aren't you bored watching other people do things you only aspire to yet?

    No one in Iota has more than 200k ABP, least of all you. How many pages do I have to scroll down to see your name Barbie?

    Having said that. I'd be happy to participate in a 1/2 decent war again. Bad Co./TDC/DL are really sucking hard core these days. Can you say YAWN.
  6. BBCue

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    Does everything you say have to be completely off-base? ___k ABP = thousands of attack battle points. There are almost 150 players in Iota with more than 200k ABP. Yes, I'm 6k short... at best I'm average. What I was highlighting was this:

    EnasEllinas 1.65 mil ABP
    EvertonFC 757k ABP
    Iceblade 468k ABP

    shugiritis 464k ABP
    CharlestheGrinningBoy 293k ABP
    Alinson 120k ABP

    Several of the world's most awesome players (including the best attacker in Enas) are going at it mano e mano. This thread praises the good fighting, yet you want to hijack it with your same old obnoxious and ultra-negative responses after my posts for the past 8 months. Go ahead... spam this thread about the siding on Barbie's dream house or how my stats suck against yours or how Bad Co sucks. It's all been said before. YAWN.
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  7. EnasEllinas

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    Thanks for the vote but I can not hold the title of best attacker.

    Desillusional holds that now.

    As for the warz being waged in the Northeastern to Eastern Oceans I must say are really fun. Both sides in a power struggle to gain the upperhand. Valiant efforts in both camps... it is exciting stuff.

    My hat off to you Nightfire as Ice has said. Good intense times :)
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  8. Jennesis

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    OH...that isn't the pot calling the kettle black barbie? Wasn't it you all up in our faces a couple of weeks ago with your wild stories and theories? Why don't you give us all a break. It was your penchant for posting ridiculous lies and made up crap that got put you on my noob radar in the first place. So...quit being such a hypocrite and just take your punches.

    yes. I dropped a zero. sue me.

    This thread isn't a praise of good fighting. It's a thread about how the world started ganging up on Phenom. You know what...I can relate. It sucks to be a relatively small group of people with alliances on all sides hammering you I recall correctly it was YOU and your stalker like obsession with the whole Legion/Evo thing (that again, had nothing to do with you) that got the whole world against us? You didn't have it in your bones to show us ANY kind of mercy or give any kind of hint that you thought of us as actual human beings whatsoever. And just the other week you had your nosey butt up in phenoms business with yet more made up stories and BS.

    Then you turn around all injured bird when someone gives it back to you? pathetic.

    So...yeah...when it comes to you Barbie...NO mercy. You may be able to nominate lozza for POTM and she'll forget that she opened herself up to you in honesty only to be called a female dog. disappear I might forget that time you got so over the top angry that you suggested that I punch myself in the face. But so long as you persist in posting your nonsense here on the forums I'll be here to smack you around and to remind you that...

    :pro: and even after all this time you are STILL one of the biggest noobs this game has ever seen.
  9. BDG2

    BDG2 Phrourach

    Jun 29, 2011
    LOL, well said. There seem to be a lot of guys that like to stir the pot, get a few groups to fight, act like they have something to do with it and then run off to the stats page or the forum to see what happens (cough, cough, Last Rites). Only thing i disagree with is that it sucks being in the middle. I love it and I will tell you why ;). 1. When you are being attacked by everyone, it makes finding a target easy. 2. You never have to worry about when you will get your next city slot. 3. You will keep logging on and keep fighting just so you can work your way to that handful of guys that started the whole thing and bang down their door. LOL, this game is turning me into a weird old guy that keeps a list of people that annoy me. I will eventually move in right next to them and farm them for awhile. Then take their city.
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  10. nightfire25

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    thank you my friend for the praise.
    your support landing there was epic good i got there first:)

    i am enjoying the war and it is taking very good turn with both sides have some very good players.
    lets see for how much time the war goes on;)
  11. Chedog

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    This thread is hilarious. Not sure why players complain about getting buckets of BPs...

    I'd submit that it's easier to defend as a small group of large, experienced players than it is to coordinate attacks with oodles of smaller, and less experienced ones.

    Regarless, I'm glad to be back and lookin forward to the dust-up in 75..

  12. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    Good times to be had! Many many good times :)
  13. nightfire25

    nightfire25 Guest

    surely we will have enas:)
  14. I have 531,708 ABP.... and I'm a chicken.

  15. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    yeah but for you ABP stands for abnormal bird of prey so this makes sense

  16. lol

    Almost.... but its "pray" not "prey"

    As in... "This bird PRAYS no one attacks him."
  17. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    haha no i meant you put your hands together quite often and pray no one puts defence in the city your attacking

    pheeewww got out of that one lol
  18. najimur

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    right back to the subject, phenomenon isnt the most hated, i like them :p

    they are the best alliance in my eyes
  19. HAxOR69

    HAxOR69 Guest

    and again :
    Just to clear things up :

    1- we as THE REBELS and our allies (Last Rites) were in war with Borg , and this war lasted for more than 4 months .
    2- Phenomenon toke all Borg fighters in and let them join , forgetting that they are refugee's as the war is on .
    3- when i contacted IceBlade from Phenomenon to solve this matter in a diplomatic way , he refused to listen and he didnt consider Ex. Borg as refugee's because they have lots of points , and he came with a childish idea : he said that they told ex. borg members that they are on there own on defeating any Cs coming there way at the moment , but after that they will be a Phenomenon (what a shame from a good player )
    4- after Phenomenon toke the refugee's in , they started to attack back with them as this is there war .
    5- THE REBELS had a pact with Evo so we didnt attack there players in our water , so Phenomenon members who were EX. evo were having the same treat as they were our Ex. allies , so we didnt attack them at all , until they started the attacks from the back .

    sorry for making it so long , but with this situation we can all know that Phenomenon have no ethics at all , and that is really a shame

    its really a Phenomenon that all these good fighters became a street dogs , what a shame

    for the record B4DB0Y is in a business trip and thats why he hit the VM , ask your ex. Borg members what this guy can do alone
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  20. IceBlade

    IceBlade Guest

    You were in VM when it all started and your string of alliances do not have the best communication. A member of yours spied on a member of mine... In your own alliance page it states;
    "We will consider any of the following as an act of war :
    1. Attacking our members
    2. Attacking our allies
    3. Spying on our members
    4. Recruiting our members
    5. Insulting us"

    My members then retaliated, and your members were misinformed of why the war broke out. I received PM on how it was about the ex Borg members, but B4DB0Y and Zeeconian said something completely different. As far as ethics go, we've been in the top 5 before we became Phenomenon or before we even joined Evo in the past, and not many people can say bad things about us... However, people like to criticize our tactics, but you won't be able to take us down so we're obviously doing something right.