Phenomenon - Most Hated?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IceBlade, Sep 24, 2011.

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    So is this actually over refugees or not?

    Personally after reading everything i still dont consider these guys to be refugees anyway but thats what your all calling them
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    so you are saying that this war started because one of mine spied on one of yours ? not because you and the guys started to defend Ex, Borg members ?
    i think that there is something called diplomacy effort in such a case specially that we as THE REBELS considered that we have a nap with you guys because we were in pact when you were EVO , its logic to use diplomacy instead of attacking us from behind when we were not ready and considering your members as friends

    the first minute i returned to the game i sent you a message and you said that our members are attacking some of your members and thats why you all started to attack back , in that same message i explained to you that these players are refugee's because they left there alliance in a middle of a fight while they were the only fighters in that alliance , and to set things more right , you can check grepostate , they lost all the border line in there ocean 73 and they lost lots of cities in 73 and also they lost many cities in 63 , then they started to conquer cities in northern 63 to be far from attacks and stop the points lose and keep there points high , and when i say lots of cities i dont mean 5-10 , they lost over 40 cities in that war or maybe more , so they were losing the war when they joined you .

    let me tell you something about ethics and i know that you know it , when you were in Evo , at the latest period evo crushed LB , we were in a pact with both (EVO & LB) at the time , some of the LB players asked us to join us , and because we as THE REBELS are always play with lots of ethics , i contacted Lozza (lorian) that i will take some LB members in THE REBELS if that ok with her and the Evo alliance , she replied me that all LB members are targets and they are after them to the end , so according to that i didnt accept any one from LB except 1 member who was a friend of mine and after i asked lozza for taking him , .... do you know why all that ? that called ethics my friend , both alliances were in war and i respect both intentions

    really ? who was thinking of taking any of you down ? you were considered as friends until you started to attack our members
    are you drinking something strong or you just thought of this idea and started to believe it ?
    my be i didnt understand , is that bullies talk ? if yes , then i invited you on 1 on 1 war without any interfere from my alliance or yours , AND YOU DIDNT ACCEPT , so change your FM channel pleaseeeeeeeee
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    What I'm saying is, whatever the reason the war started really is, doesn't matter because your alliances could not communicate your so called "cease-fire" agreement against us, which ultimately lead to our continuous attacks. B4DB0y contacted me saying he wants a cease-fire before anything got out of hand. The next day, Zeeconian starts attacking my member, after another getting spied on. What are we supposed to do? Welcome you with open arms?

    Evo and THE REBELS had an NAP yes... But we formed a new group that was no longer Evo, such as UNT did with their group. The major difference is, we did not intend on holding any pacts with people other than UNT, while their pacts carried over from the previous alliance.

    Before this war, we did not share one word between eachother, so I believe you're using the term "friends" rather loosely.

    Be that as it may, look at their firepower vs yours at the time. Great Sir Tom was an exceptional player, but not much of a leader. We picked the former Borg members up when their alliance failed them.

    Differences of opinion... That's about it.

    First of all... I'm always drinking something strong :cool:

    Second of all, I don't talk bully talk. Alliances are made for a reason. If I wanted to fight solo, I wouldn't have made as many friends as I have, and wouldn't have helped form the #5 alliance on Iota.

    Trust me. I'm well capable of a fair fight 1 on 1... But it's just not as efficient as a mass takeover ;)
  4. Spying always causes trouble. Trust me....

    Just a few weeks back I got into a war after this guy caught me spying on his wife.

    I blame her for leaving the bathroom blinders open... especially with any easily climbable tree in their yard.
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    ik what you mean rooster.

    i was spying on your hen but you never caught me!! ha ha!

    phenomenon isnt the most hated. the most hated is the new alliance "evolution"

    someone tried to start a new evo lol :p He didnt even managed to get past the start line!
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    haha well answers the age old question.

    Why did the roaster cross the road? to climb up the easily climbable tree in their yard.

    cluck cluck cluck thats it missy get yourself in the kitchain.
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    thank you IceBlade for following up on my words , no hard feelings intended
    i just wanted to Clear some things on behalf of THE REBELS and i think you will do the same on behalf of your alliance if things got mixed up

    hope this war will be enjoyable to all players and good luck to all

  8. BDG2

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    Jun 29, 2011
    I have to stop reading this because my wife is starting to get concerned about my blood pressure. This whole REBEL war will be better when it is over. Just a few thoughts and then I swear I will never read this thread again :p

    I keep hearing how I am a refugee. Haxor is talking about Borg taking cities in 063. HMM, as i remember, we started taking cities up there long before the actual war started. You guys used that as an excuse to attack us with last rites or berserker or whatever the f they are called now. Do you remember that? "We didn't like how you were building up cities" was your reason for the attack that week.

    We lost some cities. (cough, cough) I didn't, but some of our inactives and a few actives that were positioned poorly did. Check my stats. See if I am "winning" (that was a sheen reference) my battles with the rebles and the other group that could be renamed next week.

    To say Borg was losing is a stretch. I think the vast majority of cities you took in 073 were from Tom. Last I checked, we have been taking those back.

    Finally, I know what bad boy can do. Send some unescorted attacks, lose most of his troops in my harbor, and then hit VM and quit after he faces one attack. Some of us in Borg were under constant attack for 4 months. No VM. Better yet, my new alliance members are under attack on the regular and i don't hear any talk of VM or negotiation.

    I tried more than anyone in Borg to work things out with the Rebels. But every week you had a new reason for going to war with us. The fact is, Shuggi wanted to pick a fight with tom. You guys jumped in on his side. Now you have inherited a war you can't win. :pro:
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    Reunion has been effectivley been attacking and defending in the war and rebels are doing the same thing and my Def of refugee in grepo is someone who is being attacked and joined another alliance for protection and isn't that exactly what Borg did
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    Jun 29, 2011
    Tell you what youngster, why don't you go and ask some of the guys in both of those alliances if I needed protection.
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    Definition of a refugee

    "Owing to a well-founded dear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside his country of nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and bring outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result o such events, is unable or, owing to such fear is unwilling to return to it.”

    looking closer at it from a war point of view

    Well-founded fear – this means that you must be genuinely afraid of return to your country of nationality or habitual residence, and that fear must be what any ordinary person would fear when considering the information available about the situation in the country of origin. The fear must be viewed in context.

    Taken from Geneva Convention of 1951 relating to the status of refugees
  12. Even I facepalmed at that ;) lol
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    if your going to do it do it right :p

    Also i never actually read it i just wanted to make all your lives hell for trying to read it
  14. lol well quite honestly I think a refugees is whatever the alliance sees it is. If you are willing to go to war about it, really doesn't matter. Everyone has slightly different version. Some say they have to be under attack often or at the time of leaving, some say if they are in an alliance which is at war with you then even if they aren't under attack they are a refugee. Both alliances were prepared to go to war over this so both are happy i guess lol
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    i was talking about the grepo version of refugee QCI not the real 1
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    just to be clear that is *rolling of the eyes*
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    I told myself I wouldn't say anything on the forums, but... I have too big of a mouth. XD And so, following is a retelling of some of the history from my perspective. Story time!

    Hey everyone, I'm a former Borg player. I just wanted to publicly thank The Rebels for all of the hard work they put into putting my old alliance through the refining fires. I don't see any shame in admitting that I personally was way out of my weight class when the fighting first broke out, and I was one of the bigger players that we had. For most of the Borg-Rebel war, I had just assumed that after a while people would get bored, the actives in Borg would join the Rebels, and then we'd go fight Evo. Truly. And I was looking forward to that. (Naive? Most likely.) I never wanted to join Evo, because it sounded boring. What's the point of playing a game like this if you shield yourself from all risk with a super alliance? At that point, you aren't a fighter anymore, you're just a janitor. (That's probably all been said before, but I don't follow these forums all that closely.)

    Anyways, right about when I was getting bored and figured the other side must be getting close to that point too, Evo broke up and our old TBE neighbors made this new alliance called Phenomenon. Ever since my first conquer, I had enjoyed scrolling over O64, just to see who had which cities that day. Even so, I still didn't want to join them. I was afraid of boredom, even with how small Phenomenon was. The other Borg fighters, however, didn't have such fears, and since I care more about fighting with them than I do anything else in this game, I went with them.

    I am so happy that I did. I have not been bored at all! Not only do we still have plenty of live targets, now we have the active head count to make the players that I knew I couldn't touch before start to sweat. On top of that, my new alliance members have been very friendly and helpful, even when I make the occasional noob mistake... (WHAT??? SUMMON THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!) I even found a few people who weren't afraid to speak in math, if needed. I am home. ^_^

    I discovered something else too. I have much more fun fighting against my friends in The Rebels than I think I ever would fighting alongside. Maybe that's not true, but hey. It takes a long time to build up really good, competitive relationships, and I think that's what we have.

    Also, I really want to do for The Rebels what they did for us: draw a solid, unforgiving line between the people in your alliance (and outside of your alliance) that you can depend on, and the people you can't. All that's left after that is to cut off the dead weight. I understand that this may be a painful process for you guys. Don't worry. I'm here to help. ;)
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    nice post disketeer

    How i have to take a little offence that people only joined evo for protection, if anything it was quiet the opposite. Anyone who was in evo or fighting against us will tell you how many alliances we were fighting. We had wars going on in 11 oceans so there was no one to hide behind.

    Further more by the time evo came along most of the people that joined were friends including many of the players that are in your alliance now. However this is all old news.

    Phenomenon is well on its way to being a super alliance many including myself would say it all ready is and the guys here in UNT are very proud of what they are doing, so keep up the good work and keep pushing peoples buttons
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    I don't think we are right now. The Rebels are still able to put together ops and grab cities off of us if they time things right. And that's great! Please don't get discouraged, dear enemies, just get stronger.

    It looks like our enemies are going through another consolidation attempt. ^_^ Stay tuned.
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    Ah...not quite. one has ever said that playing in an alliance like evo is like being a janitor.

    Evo wasn't a shield. We were at war on 3 fronts at all times. No one was "safe". In fact, at one point joining evo meant knowingly putting a target on your back. Especially down in 56/66 and up in Phenom territory when those wars were really heated. If we suffered from anything it was burnout. Definitely not boredom.