While it is still early in the servers life I can't help but feel that the lack of strong, competitive alliances in O55 is slightly worrying.

While I keep telling myself that one will rise up before long (perhaps at the end of BP) I can't help but think about previous servers I have played. In all of them, a competitive alliance in O55 has always been present!

Instead of waiting to see if one emerges, I figure it would be best to found one myself to ensure that O55 is competitive and prepared for the inevitable battle of the oceans.

Philotimon translates to be 'Love of Honour' in ancient Greek, and thus a fitting name for what this alliance will be about. Honour and Respect for those we encounter on our conquests, friends and foes alike.

We will overtime build up a council which will eventually consist of myself as founder, one or two players as leaders (after trust is gained) and one council member for every 15 members in the alliance (voted in by the members).

Experience isn't necessary to join HOWEVER severe cuts to members will be made at least once every two days during the first fortnight of our existence. This means at times we may look like a large alliance, however this is to ensure we have a large enough pool of players when cuts are made.

Ideally alliance size will be around 50-70 members in total, however as mentioned above, we may be above this during the early stages.
All members would need to be in O55 (though border players will be considered).
Finally most alliances are having an average around the 800-900 mark, this has led me to decide that 900 points will be our requirement for applicants.
Exceptions will be made for this should the application be impressive. Players who are working on resource/senate levels will also be shown a little more leniency.

If anybody has any questions please feel free to ask below or message me ingame.


(P.S. Sorry this doesn't look 'pretty' but... :pro: )​



Good luck mate, This looks like it will be a good alliance if you can get a player-base.


Philotimon is now on it's way in O55!

Once all the players who are definitely joining have joined we will have 10 members and an Average of 1586 points, anyone interested in joining now a base has been formed :p?

(current requirement is 1300 points though 1500 is preferred, due to BP recently ending no BP requirement is in place though 250 is desired and will become a requirement over the next day or two.)