Phoenician Merchant


I had a Phoenician merchant arrive at my city today, can you please tell me where he came from or who sent him. i did not exchange with him but it looks like another one is on his way in the morning.


every 24 hours you will get this guy popping into one of your cities.

Everything you buy from him requires silver. he also allows trades (good ratio) of 1 resource to the other types.

Sometimes he will have Myth. units.

Best when you get him, exchange some resources as his ratio is high, then boot him if you won't want units.

Nice is when they come bearing Eryniss'


He is a mystical fellow, I must say.

Not many get to trade with, I shall add.

Be honored that he hath stopped by your polis and dared exchange goods with you.

Be warned that he may come bearing unwanted gifts and other goodies.

Of course, there's always the option scaring the old man away and not letting him take your women and drink your wine.

However, if you're looking for some fun, let him stay at your palace, for he is oh so wise and mystical ;)

Not many know of his origins, or even his name. They call him the Phoenician Merchant. Do not be fooled by this, for that is not his name at all. I do believe, if my sources are correct, that his name is... Larry.

Although he is mystical and magical and oh so wise, he shall not wreak havoc in your polis. He is a respectful and courteous old man who wishes only to trade with you at quite a bargain price.

Be careful tho, as he has caused your colony ship to be parked perpendicular, *** in your face, an ugly way. It's all Larry's fault! :'(


As cheezehead has already pointed out, he's mystical, and he visits you once a day in his private ship where he conducts "trades".

Take whatever you want from that.


I just thought - this man - he brings you 'noble warriors' agreed?

You pay this man silver for these 'noble warriors'

You keep these men in your city and they become your property - agreed?

Does history not tell us buying people to do our bidding is wrong? Isn't there a word for that? I think it starts with SL And ends in VERY?

Is this merchant a good thing? Me thinks it might be morally dubious......eeek

Someone's gonna sue inno-games for this sh'''''' :)

Kidding! It's all good fun!


These would be "mercenaries" if you have some problem with the conotation of that other word.

The Chosen 0ne

Have you ever seen him arrive? When watching your city, you will see his boat come in, like a deadly ghost! (I don't know if that really happens...)


Is there a difference between the Phoenician merchant & the Phoenician Trader?

I just noticed that the Phoenician merchant was arriving with a different photo than before / is listed in the wiki.

I'm wondering if there is an upgraded Phoenician merchant @ a certain harbour level with a better exchange rate?


yeah, I also got a different picture this time, and different name, new guy is called Veelerios


Do you get any notice as to when he will be in your poli? I have been playing for about a week, get on usually at least twice a day and have never seen him.


You need to have a harbor... I think that just level 1 will do.

Lucifers Nephew

does any one know how to make him trade with me another resource besides stone, i have called him with gold about 5 times in last two days and every time he wants my stone. I have tried to create offers with market to hide my resources different ones each time. I tried that because people in my alliance told me it has something to do with what ever resource is your lowest. I dont want to spend my stone every time. Then i have to wait hours to trade out resources for the ones i need for him to come back and ask for all my stone again. I cant not do it either because im gaining at least 2400 resources every time. Just a pain to trade for the next few hours every time.


It just depends. Guess you've been pretty unlucky to use gold and carry on getting the same offer :p

Personally I would never use gold to get the merchant in I'd rather crazily farm, trade, trade, spell and beg friends for resources :L

If you feel like the merchant is useless at the time dismiss him and he'll come bit earlier next time. Unless I have too much silver I wouldn't buy troops with silver as it costs a lot! It's more effective to use a mix of resources to get the troops. The myth units are a rip off ;)