Photoshop Signature Guide !


Hello Guys , Since there was no Photoshop Guide for sig Making in here , I thought of Making one, after Reading this Guide you will may not be able to Make a Great Signature but you will be able to make a pretty Good one since it is not an Advance Guide, I will make an Advance guide after i finish this. Here are somethings you need to know before using Photoshop .

Photoshop is a little Difficult to learn in comparison with Gimp & others , however after you get to know it you will find out that it has very vast possibilities as compared to other softwares.

After this Tutorial you should be able to make Something Like this with a little imagination.

First we will start with the Basics & know the Tools we will be Using , Here is the list of Them . They will be the Main Tools in any Signature you make .


Rectunguler Marquee Tool : It is used to select the image that is to be Moved or deleted , Just select any part of the image with it & press Delete.

Select Tool: it will be used to move images or objects inside the Area , if you want to move any object click on its layer & then click in Select tool & move the Object where you want to move it.

Polygonal Lasso Tool: it will be used to cut any image in any specific Desgine or way you want to.

Brush Tool : It will be used to Apply different brushes into this signatures since brushes are a discussion for later so we will discuss it briefly there.

Erase Tool : A simple Tool to Erase .

Text Tool : Tool that will be used to Apply Fonts

Rectungle Tool : A Tool To Add boxes' etc.

Zoom in/out Tool : A Tool to Zoom in /out & to jump to the original size.

Front Color : your primary color

Background Color : Your Secondary color.


Keep in touch as Further parts will be here shortly , if you can get a hang of This you will be able to do great things with Photoshop.

If you have any question please post it here I will do my best to answer it.
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Ahan... Good Idea PX to start something like that, will certainly help us alot and after that we might not bother you guys so often :p

BTW I haven't meet/seen much gamers/players here but many Grafix lovers ^_^


Updated !
Menus have been Added ( i have added only the ones we will be Needing otherwise it would take a long Time To Complete )


Good work PrimeX :)

I think you left off something about the Pen Tool though. By far one of the best tools to use once you've gotten the practice with it. :)


Using pen Tool is a little Difficult for the ones just starting PS , so i left it out for the Advance guide ^_^

Thomas The Magnificent

PS costs $699.

Aicy must have a lot of pocket-money...


Using pen Tool is a little Difficult for the ones just starting PS , so i left it out for the Advance guide ^_^
you can buy a tablet tho and draw from there on photoshop.
but offcourse someone need money to buy that thing :)