Beginner Photoshop Tools


This is a simple guide to PS (sidebar) tools for helping beginners learn (in GrepoFX style)

PhotoShop Tools:

Ok, I will explain every tool (on the sidebar) and what it can do.

Tool 1: (Move Tool) Used to select, drag, or change size.
Tool 2: (Zoom Tool) Used to zoom in and out of the picture so that you can see different parts of the picture better.
Tool 3: (Hand Tool) Used to click and drag the whole picture.
Tool 4: (Eyedropper Tool) Used to determine the color of an area by clicking anywhere. It is helpful when trying to paint over something unwanted.
Tool 5: (Marquee Tool) Drag a box and use it to keep your tool's uses within that area. Ex. You drag the box, and you can't paint anywhere besides inside of it.
Tool 6: (Lasso Tool) Used like the Marquee Tool, except it can be more precise.
Tool 7: (Magic Wand Tool) Used to select specific areas, like color ranges.
Tool 8: (Quick Selection Tool) Used to select areas very specifically. Then, it is like the Marquee Tool where you can use your tools in the boundaries only.
Tool 9: (Type Tool) Used for putting text in your picture.
Tool 10: (Crop Tool) Used for cropping you image, and making it the size you want it to be.
Tool 11: (Cookie Cutter Tool) Used for cropping your image to make it form a certain shape.
Tool 12: (Straighten Tool) Used to change the angle of your image.
Tool 13: (Red Eye Removal) If someone has red eyes in a picture, this is the way to fix that.
Tool 14: (Spot Healing Tool) Used to 'heal' (make it blend in and disappear) a spot such as an unwanted spec or something small.
Tool 15: (Stamp Tool) Select an area (Option + Left Click), then click somewhere else, and the selected area will appear where you clicked.
Tool 16: (Eraser Tool) Use it to erase anything in that layer.
Tool 17: (Brush Tool) Very helpful, used to paint and color areas in that layer.
Tool 18: (Paintbucket Tool) Use it to color a selected or whole area with one click.
Tool 19: (Gradient Tool) Gradiation of colors. Blends foreground and background.
Tool 20: (Shape Tool) Use it to drag shapes of many different kinds.
Tool 21: (Smudge Tool) Awesome tool used to distort/blend areas of an image by dragging.
Tool 22: (Burn Tool) It can be used to darken areas of your picture.
Tool 23: (Colors) Select your primary and secondary colors for use with the tools.

Smaller Tools (sub-tools):

Burn Tool Sub-Category:

Tool 1: (Sponge Tool) Saturates or desaturates the pixels where you paint.
Tool 2: (Dodge Tool) Lightens pixels where you paint.
Tool 3: (Burn Tool) Darkens pixels where you paint.

Smudge Tool Sub-Category:

Tool 1: (Blur Tool) This tool is quite obvious. It blurs the areas where you click and drag.
Tool 2: (Sharpen Tool) This tool is the opposite of the Blur Tool.
Tool 3: (Smudge Tool) This is an awesome tool used to direct and blend areas by dragging.

Shape Tool Sub-Category:

Tool 1:
Tool 2:
Tool 3:
Tool 4:
Tool 5:
Tool 6:
Tool 7:

Brush Tool Sub-Category:

Eraser Tool Sub-Category:

Stamp Tool Sub-Category:

Spot Healing Tool Sub-Category:

Type Tool Sub-Category:

Quick Selection Tool Sub-Category:

Tool 1: (Quick Selection Tool) Like the Lasso Tool, but automatically assists you.
Tool 2: (Selection Brush Tool) Like Lasso Tool, but it is a brush.

Lasso Tool Sub-Category:

Tool 1: (Lasso Tool) Marquee, but more specific.
Tool 2: (Magnetic Lasso Tool) Marquee, but way more specific.
Tool 3: (Polygonal Lasso Tool) A mix between Lasso Tool and Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Marquee Tool Sub-Category:

Tool 1: (Rectangular Marquee Tool) Selects areas, and tools can't work outside of the area. Selects as rectangles.
Tool 2: (Elliptical Marquee Tool) Same thing as the rectangular, but a circle.

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I don't use or intend on using PS but at some time i bet i will, so i'll mark this guide down in my mental notebook. Good job mate. :)


well, here it goes:
1. Tut sucks
2. You suck
3. Format your HD
4. Don't quit your day job


p.s. great tut.


spyder dont be mad at me but i cant see how this can help people,all of this and much more PS have in help also explaining icons wont make easier for people to learn how to use ps.if you really want to help maybe you can find some links on youtube where people actually can see how to use certain tool.


^ Yeah, I don't really know why I made this. Maybe just a reference point. You can still use it to see what the tools are real quick, though... :p