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PI International
aka P.I

Column 1 Intro:

I'm aragorn595 the founder of the LWN and currently the only writer reporter and etc. etc. . I come to you with the newsletter of the Pi International, i make newsletters to inform people about whats going on in the world of Pi, if you would like to look at my work go to the Lambda world and look under General Discussion it is called Lambda's Weekly News. Now whats the gist of this newsletter and why i do it. It's pretty simple i do a newsletter or two newsletters depending on the week every week and write5 columns each in each of my newsletter. It contains war updates, tips, what to see in the world, and some interviews. Why i do it i do it because i don't want to see forums become inactive only having a post every week or so just to say hi. No i make this also for a main reason to attract more people to the world im currently in (just to lure you into my trap so i can take your cities heh heh jk) new people don't know which world to pick because some world forums become inactive and they don't know whats going on which is where my newsletter comes in, but instead of ranting about i will let the people of Pi decide whether they want this newsletter or not.

Column 2 The PI war:

Today in Pi cities were taken and troops were lost but theres another round tomarrow or even a round now yes there is a war that is rampant through Pi. Making alliances frightened or even given alliances battle points, a basic idea of whos fighting Incubi and AL two major powers fighting one major conflict, but they are not alone there are alliances taken note of the war and use that to fight amongest every one else giving them chance to taste fresh blood. Fighters, conquerors, defenders and protectors are fighting in this war only one will rise one to rule them one alliance to rule the world of PI.

Column 3 Is this the last 1.26x world?:

I would rather think not 2.0 has just came out and people are always wondering either the upgrade or when will a new world come out that is a 1.26x world. Nope but it may take some time for either an older world to come out or to upgrade the older worlds, only time will tell...

Column 4 Whats there to see in Pi?:

There are many things to see in Pi such as the lushes mountains or the beautiful tropical islands, here there are the wild manticores or the beautiful peguses but really Pi is all about war to your right you'll see a city state conquering another city state and to your left the same exact thing. Yes come down to world Pi and enjoy beautiful scenery.

Column 5 Author's Note:

I put one down at every singal article i write to remind and inform of some of my next projects. I hope everyone like today's article and if i have offended any of you with this article please inform me. I will make the proper changes, also if any of you want to become a member of the LWN or the P.I please tell me and you could be the next reporter of the LWN or the P.I. I spend at least 15-20 mintues writing my articles and use the utmost care with articles i try to make it friendly to people in wars but just to say i will report things i see, hear, or read that could be publicly announced with the owner's premission. I don't wish to cause quarrels with people. This article was long but it was the first P.I they will get easier to read and shorter as time goes on. So look to next week for the next installment of the Pi International! :pro:


I think it's a good start... Maybe you can interview Phears - sounds like he has "info"


Arul i can't promise the next one can be better but i can promise that this is a good way to get inactive forums back up plus it takes away 30 minutes of my time away and allows me to work on my journilism skills lol :p

Phears i get my info from what i see hear or read. I report stuff that was made public in Pi but not public in the forums, this gives way for new players to see what has happened in Pi and what there is to see in Pi if i feel that a story hasn't been all that good then i do a follow-up story to get some interests.

Xslor i interview people in the game not in the forums that way it is eaiser to just copy and paste the questions and answers that i get from interviewees.


Pi International

a.k.a P.I

Column 1 An interview with Phears:

I have recently interviewed Phears with just a couple of questions regarding the players of Pi and the war between certain alliances. *note* Questions may sound different but hey it's a little trouble for me to copy and paste.

What are your thoughts on the major conflict between Incubi and AL?

AL and Incubi are the two biggest fights at the moment. I haven't been in AL for long but have known them for a very long time as my time in ETD saw us as allies.

Altogether Incubi are the better players however AL have numbers on their side and a solid leadership aswell as great allies like VVV and TGIE.

I think both alliances will not win/lose as long as they have their leadership stay strong.

Have you had any tussles with these alliances?

I've argued with Incubi before but with 7 or so of my cities still in the very core of this world surrounded by Incubi i have learnt to live beside them :)

Do you think that the war is being held world wide or just near the core oceans?

The war is just in the northern core oceans however there are other fights going on ofcourse.

Do you think the players of Pi on average mostly 1 don't make sense 2 serious or 3 a brocali?

I think the players of Pi are mostly serious however ive talked to alot of players both friends and enemies and deep down all are good guys.

Do you think that Pi will have reality of an endgame?

I don't believe Pi will have an endgame as no matter how strong Incubi and TEE are if it does come down to just them (which it wont) they will then be forced to fight eachother or merge and get bored.

Do you have any suggestions to make the P.I better?

Just keep asking good players for info.

That was the end of my interview with Phears special thanks to Phears for answering.

Column 2 What is really the meaning of an endgame?:

The meaning of an endgame has many forms it could be that there is always one alliance that is always on top and is the strongest that noone can take them down. Or it could mean that basically one alliance has taken control of the core oceans and maybe even the entire world. But i don't think Pi will have an endgame and if they do they would have to battle it out for months maybe even a year... Only time will tell if Pi will really have an endgame.

Column 3 Pi's early days (personal experience):

In the early years of Pi and most can agree on that they have been in a number one alliance for a short period of time such as Hounds of Ares, The plague, -NOD- and more but most of those alliances have failed due to either being phiscally disabled in battle lol :p or being an MRAs, i personally have been through three or is it two of those early top alliances notheless it shows that you need to have a strong active leader and you need to start out small before you can grow big but that is just my opinon.

Column 4 Pi's Forum personality:

There is already a forum for that but i would just like to point it out, and ask you the question readers do you think that Pi forum is:
A) Bad
B) Good but inactive
C) It's not of the busiest forum but it has alot more posts then some
D) The best forum in the whole grepolis community.

Column 5 Authors Note:
I hope you all like the follow-up story it sure took me a while to make lol. Also again if i have offended any of you in any way by this article please either pm me or down-rep me but it needs to be constructive critism and you might want to sign your name too. Otherwise your critism is not valid lol.


Special Addition report!

P.I Pi International.

Column 1 Hey guys:

I haven't done one in a while, but i might have an article that might interest some and make people hate me some... this will be a comeback article.

Column 2 A recent message from a leader of Incubi:

Look now i don't hate anyone personally but this is going too far i'm exposing this because one no player should be treated like this and two if i get banned for this i'm sorry but this just boils my blood and im a reporter i do this for sometimes.

A recent message from Yowhatsup and rob121 tell me who is the victim here:
This message has been reated PG 13 for fowl language but has been edited to not say it compleately.

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yowhatsup today at 7:31 PM
Ok cool then we can drop our little deal since you come from some of the biggest aliances in this game and you know how to carry your weight. Ill let xlor know. See you around.
rob121 today at 7:30 PM
i know what pulling weight is. imm not a noob iv been in some of the biggest alliance's on this game VROD, killer bunnies too name but two. also im not bumping chests with you but wont let you walk all over me like you think i should.
yowhatsup today at 7:21 PM
I made my point. Don't f**king test me. Half my team has been itching to eat chimera for a long time, do you know why they dont? I dont let them. So yea tell me some more about how chimera pulls weight. Im sure xlor would enjoy knowing all the hard work he put into getting chimera to survive has gone to because you wanted to test me today. Ill drop this pact and let my team eat you before you head can f**king spin. I busted my *** to get AL to surrender and go into VM mode so yea when some noob wants to bump chests with me about pulling weight, you dont ing have a clue what pulling weight is.
rob121 today at 7:19 PM
what is wrong with you today??? how old are you? yes your bigger than me and will wipe me off this server if you wanted too but your always be a prick.
yowhatsup today at 7:14 PM
If you dont f**king back down Ill show you what pulling weight is. You stacked a few cities and you have benefit from us a LOT more then we benefit from you. I cut a deal with Xlor so you guys could eat cities we dont want. I never said you cant have the ing city. But dont tell me you claimed it 2 weeks ago when you are arguing about taking a city, or any city in this area, is because we let chimera live. Your leader emailed me many many times begging me to leave you guys alone and I didnt consider you a threat so yea you should be f**king grateful you are one of the only 2 teams left in ocean 45 that we let live. Keep ing testing me.

Now Incubi do you think i give a crap about what you say you can do to us i'm a 45 k player and i sure as hell i don't take orders from you... that was totally off the boundaries of having a nice chat. I used to be just like you Yowhatsup but i learned one thing what comes around goes around. Learn it I hope Incubi reads this message and if they do they make their own decision. I'm just a small player trying to make a difference.

Column 3 The Pi war:

I think there is a war going on and if not there should be. Anyway O45 is now a base of operations and many are coming to be a base of operations Incubi spreads like a wildfire and many alliances are coming under its power... Will anyone rise up and take the fight to Incubi?

Column 4 A reporters job:

I as a personal reporter at least sometimes risk my reputation going after big stories and such and exposing falsehood of many players who seem to be a good friend in times of need. Does this mean i'm a bad guy in some ways yes, but a voice of opinion matters to the people. I don't waste anytime when trying to write a good story up or such. I mean my motto is if i have offended you in any way please say so. But i have another one to, payback is a bit*h. To me a reporter means more than reporting it means to improve someone in some way.

Column 5 Author's note:

I'm back but only for every other week. I will still continue to make good stories or at least try to but if anyone wants to take over please do. Phears why not you lol :p jk jk. But anyway if i have offended you in any way unintentionally of course then please tell me.


You used to be just like me? You were never like me and you don't know me. Just cuz rob pzzd me off and I went off on him doesn't mean you know me.


I like that he left out rob's prior post.

Also to be added note that rob was subsequently removed from CHIMERA after this.


BTW you aren't a reporter....you're a whiner. A reporter tells all sides of the story...not just one. You're just whining cuz I hurt your friends feelings after he got an attitude with me.


I'm dissapointed.. could you revert back to the 3rd person - sounds much more becomming.

BTw Rob/mr reporter, here's my take - cs = 30k. not being rimmed = priceless

Why all this over 1 city? haha lame


Lol, i admire your wit but have you ever thought about the player i'm disappointed in that comment. YoWhatsUp i'm surprised that your ego hasn't changed a 30 k player i'm pathetic im inactive boo hoo. Hiding behind your alliance, and using my previous alliance to attack me is childish, face me like you are a leader to your alliance. Alright i will look at your point of you, saying that we take all your cities and using XSlor to be scared of you and destroy all who tresspass. That's what i have been seeing lately. Give me a better arguement rather then saying im a whiner.


I have to say, these articles (with the exception of maby the first one) were very interesting. Im not taking sides or saying anything other than there were interesting