Pirates of Black Love


Hi, I am germanman13 and I am wondering if there are any people that are near ocean 77 that would like to join the alliance Pirates of Black Love.


Sure you want to keep that alliance name? It's kind of weird for this sort of web site...


This alliance is running on fumes. It's days are severely numbered as it is sandwiched very tightly between two much larger, better managed alliances who are currently at war with each other. They continue to hemorrhage cities to one of the alliances while the other pulls their strings like a puppet master and uses them as a buffer providing minimal support to prolong thier demise. The only way they have managed to stay in the game is by taking ghosts and inactives to replace the cities they continue to lose on almost a daily basis. Once that "easy pickings gravy train" dries up they will be forced to merge with one of the two alliance or risk losing everything as they have failed to conquer one single city that wasn't owned by a player who had already quit. Joining this alliance is not advised unless you like to get it handed to you. Just my opinion.
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