Players AWOL


Looking at my own alliance in both Zeta and in Epsilon, I noticed a bunch of players, some of them long time players, who haven't come back to the game since we switched to 2.0

In Zeta, I have booted players for inactivity and their combined total is over 1M points. I have been watching grepostats and noticed that other alliances seem to be experiencing the same phenomenon - many, many inactives all over Zeta. I have noticed that leaders of other alliances have started booting their inactives too. There are tons of cities available all over the server and no alliance has enough active players with enough culture to absorb them all. My guess is that the players left because they didn't like 2.0, but I can't say for certain, since they are not around to ask lol.

There is no doubt that 2.0 has changed the game in many ways and we are just starting to figure out whether or not those changes are good or not for us and the game. There are many pros and cons to the new format, but one thing for certain, the game has changed dramatically from the one that we all started with.

In this thread, please post what you like or don't like about the new format - I'm very interested in comparing opinions.
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Since I opened the thread, I'll start.

The World Wonders situation has forever changed the nature of the game. I still don't know if I like this aspect of the game as most of the warring in Zeta has been put on hold so that building of the WW can continue to absorb all available resources. In Epsilon, there have been conquests of several cities on WW islands throwing the construction into a holding pattern. There are some focussed defenses of the gained cities and concerted attacks on the lost cities. The general attacking for BPs and for conquests has been put on hold as we focus on these attacks/defences.

My opinion - I don't like it at all! The alliance vs alliance wars that I know and love have all but stopped. The strategy and tactics are now all focussed on the WWs and unless you are a leader within an alliance, all you are doing is throwing your assets at other players' strategies. Unless you ignore your leaders and do your own thing, you won't be gaining any cities during this phase of the game. I don't like it at all.


I can't speak for anyone else, but Spartiates are continuing strong on the war front. Our focus is on conquering enemy cities and not trying to win this server with world wonders. It is probably obvious too as we are only top alliance not trying to build 4 or more wonders! lol I really wonder sometimes how some alliances operate. You need to be smart about these things. By now it is all but obvious who will build which world wonders.

I disagree with how Innogames has defined "victory" in Grepolis. We will all know who has won in the end based on their time spent here on Zeta and there is no denying which side is winning at the moment.

And to comment about players leaving, that is a natural occurrence every year after a holiday period. Many players go on vacation only to realize they don't want to come back. Same will happen in the summer time. It's just the way it is.


I dont why dont we make a plan like in Eta.....that each alliance builds 1 World Wonder and in that way all will stay Normal!

SGT Slaughter

2.0 lags too much for rebuilding 100+ city accounts. Personally I have went from an extremely devoted player to a much more casual. I think many have simply lost interest as well, I wish I would have listened to the warnings before the vote.

I disagree with how Innogames has defined "victory" in Grepolis. We will all know who has won in the end based on their time spent here on Zeta and there is no denying which side is winning at the moment.

I agree 100%. Why a war game victory would revolve around building culture structures is beyond me. The wonders should enhance troops and defenses only. Example: The Great Wall of China would extend walls to lvl 30 or Temple of Artemis would produce a fighting monk unit or Statue of Zeus could produce a new God Favor. The actual bonuses aren't worth the effort IMO.

Victory should go by number of oceans controlled something along those lines.


Haha that would make you guys the winners then SGT if it came down to oceans controlled but what about the little guys :( all in all wonders are for simmers and I agree with you guys this server has lost it flavor and 2.0 is an over cook turkey :)