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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Dear potential candidate,

We are happy to see that you are considering to introduce yourself as a candidate for the Grepolis player council.

Please take a moment to write an introduction about yourself to the community and outline why you would be a fitting candidate to represent your language version.

This thread will be kept open until August 13th, 23:59 CEST. Please make sure to have posted your introduction until this date to become a valid candidate for our in-game voting.

The in-game voting is currently scheduled to take place starting August 17th, 2017.

Disclaimer: This thread will be moderated heavily. Every post that does not comprise an application to the Grepolis player council will be removed accordingly.
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i would like to be considered. I recognize that at a glance i might be an obvious no, do to some...content related reasons...of the past. I would obviously have a higher maturity level as a volunteer and representative, than i do as a disgruntled consumer.

if we can move past that, i am an otherwise ideal candidate. i represent the "grepolis is a lifestyle, not a game" portion of the community. ive had every experience in the game you can have at this point. from trying to organize first time players far on the rim. to playing deep in the enemy core as a small group at the highest of levels. ive rage ghosted from frustrations with the game. ive participated in WW, and ive left servers to avoid them.

as one of most well known players, and biggest personalities, ive heard alot of opinions, and had infinite conversations, about the game with other players. from meta-game to the most obvious of subjects.

if you want honest opinions from someone who plays the game hard everyday without cheating. im definitely a solid choice. if you go the (more likely) route and select someone whos not me. i hope you select at least a few people who can offer similar viewpoints.

Edit: i assumed i t was obvious i was applying for en considering this is the En. externals. but to clarify, i am interested in the EN council
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I would like to be considered as a candidate for player council - in English.

I have played Grepolis for a few years now, and acted as a moderator for a short term, so I have some idea how that relationship works. As an older player, I do have some maturity to bring to the table :)

I like to help players with problems, and regularly read the forums, commenting and contributing - predominantly in a constructive manner. I have some ideas that could help the game improve for players myself, and will take time to listen to ideas submitted by players in my region - passing them on for consideration.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will consider me when voting comes around.



Hi I have been playing grepolis for about 5 years now and I have enjoyed every moment of it and how the game has changed from a computer only game which limited where I could play it and now on smartphone which always makes it alot better and easier to play if I get picked in the council I will honor it with a sword in hand and all the small and large Greek city states that are in all the grepolis world's


Please consider this my application for candidacy in English. I have several years of experienced as a Grepolis player on both US and EN servers. I enjoy interacting with other players and I have a great deal of base knowledge of the actual mechanics of the game. I was at one time an in game mod on for the US servers so I have a strong interest in representing players because I lost that position for no other reason than who I knew. I feel that this council will help other Grepolis players have a voice and an outlet for ideas and ways to improve the game play for all. Thank you for your consideration.......



I would like to be considered for EN council.

I would say that I am one of the longest continuously playing members of Grepolis, having begun playing Grepolis in early 2010. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in this game (I can happily give examples of all 3), and would like to share my input and feedback with the game developers.

Additionally, I speak to many, many players in game, on skype and on forums. I would solicit feedback from all players with whom I speak and seek to use my council status to serve as a liaison between the playerbase and the game developers and managers in order to make the gaming experience better for everyone involved.

I have never had any affiliation with Innogames. I have always just been a player. But this type of role would suit my interest because it is focused on how to make the game better...a topic we can all agree is in everyones best interest.

Thanks for reading.



I'll throw my name in the hat for this as well. I have been playing this game since En3 Gamma. You know, that thing where people like to say there was less hugging, but actually there was more of it + more backstabbing. I've been here since I was in high school and am still here as I finish up my last semester at Michigan State and begin to prepare to apply for graduate schools. This has been my favorite online game for a long time and I've had a lot of good memories here so I'd like to give back to the community.

I've always done a lot of community building from hosting world chats, to doing my part to keep the forums active, to hosting a premade of a handful of experienced players and joining late near the rim so that we could invite newer players and let them learn while at the same time fighting other experienced alliances. In my time in this game, I've experienced what its like to fight as an underdog against good alliances and the challenges that come with that and what its like to be sitting as the top dog alliance of the world. In that time I've come across the issues that this community faces and we've discussed it at length. If Inno and the community want some solutions to the following:

End Game
Crown Sharing
An increase to competitive play
Better balances in major game changes

Then I'm the man to consider.

Oh since we need good candidates. @Miknel you and I have our own personal issues. But anyone who would say that you wouldn't do well on this spot would be out of their mind. So run.
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Hello comrades,

I have been playing this game for cloes 4 yeras now, lead many successful alliances and got a load of experience. What this council needs is someone who knows the players, what they want and need. Someone down to earth who was in the thick of it and just got experience under his belt, knows many people and just is down to earth. I am this kind of person so I will not bother with long letters and overly egos that say how awesome they are.

I get things done.


There are several reasons why I believe I woùld be ideal for this role for the EN community. Firstly, I've been playing the game since world Pi, so have quite a bit of experience. I've played the game in a variety of different ways and with lots of different people; I've been top player in a world, won a world, even simmed all the way through one once; Ive helped lots of players to learn how to play, but never stopped learning myself. Ive fought, negotiated, whatever to get my alliance through, big or small. One of the glories of the game is that there are lots of ways of playing it, and a lot of fun to be had whichever way you play; there's no one set way, and I would represent all types of players. I've held positions of responsibility in alliances in every world I've played, and done every role in an alliance - but I've never forgotten that leaders work for the alliance, not the other way round.
And the best bit of the game is that it's social; I love talking to other players and listen to what they have to say.
I also think the Forums are an important part of the game, as it provides another way to interact with other players. Additionally, I've written one of the most popular Papers of recent years, going on the likes I've received - I take the game seriously, but not over-seriously, always remembering it is just a game, and a sense of humour is always useful.
Outside this game, I've performed similar roles for other games, but I've also done precisely this role many times in my career - as representative of systems users to developers both internally and with SAP. As a result, I am an expert on translating a list of wishes into an achievable system spec, and even more so at prioritising changes to give users the maximum amount of improvement possible within the developer resource available - something that both users and developers almost always get wrong.
So in short I believe both my game experience and my work experience combine to make me perfect for the job. That and me being Smarter Than The Average Bear, of course. ;)


Back in 2011 when I created an account on the forums to annoy other forum users, thrown into the 800+ posts, I have spoken some words of wisdom in between the spam, annoyance and nonsensical posts, which is why I want to add my name to the already capable list of candidates. I have played many servers throughout my playing time on Grepolis, some of the servers being - Gamma, Rho, Phi, Rhammus. I have accomplished what I feel is all that this game has to offer, yes I know you readers get it...I've done this....I've done that....It's not that impressive....But for me in 2011 I was a kid among many adults battling it out with the best of them, and holding my own against them.

Well just to show some of my majestic threads - just love this one had to add it)
Are those posts impressive? Probably not

Am I the best person for this role? Probably not.
Are there better candidates out there than me? Most definitely *cough*The Smilodon Fatalis*cough*

Yes there are many things I feel needs working on within this game, I would like to help the users get their ideas across to the developers, I am willing to listen to any ideas no matter how absurd the idea as I know many of you who have been here a while endured my nonsensical posts, I believe it's time to repay those who listened to me and allow me to absorb all their ideas and issues involving the game. I also have ideas of my own which I would love to approach the higher-ups with if I get elected, if not, I will approach the poor soul who has to listen to me ramble about my countless ideas to improve the game.

Thanks for taking your time to read my nonsense -


Sure, I'll run. Wall of text alert.

I've been playing Grepo for an embarrassingly long time, with a registration date of Jan-15-2010, my first server being en1 Alpha. I have been around for every version of the game since the game was opened and played each version actively. I don't think many that know me would disagree that I put into this game more than most in terms of time and emotion. I've tried to quit many times and I've failed every time. The game breathes a level of competition that I genuinely do love and am quite frankly addicted to.

What I bring to the table more than any amount of experience or knowledge of schematics is consistency. Since my first real encounter with emboldened cheaters I have abhorred them. There are many above me that claim to hate cheaters, which is fine. I really don't think anyone was going to post here claiming to love them. However, far too often I think we see the same players that claim to take a hard-line stance against cheaters are the same ones that are knowingly playing alongside them and making justifications for their actions. I think the single greatest problem with Grepolis right now, more so than the end game or gold usage or attack alarm, is not only the rampant and widespread cheating throughout the game, but the indifference showed to and rationalizations made by players who aren't cheating on behalf of those that are. The later of which is really just a symptom of the larger problem in the apathy on the part of devs to use more sophisticated detection methods. How many have been told by mods that "they are aware of the problem but do not currently have any means of detection but the devs are working on a solution"? I was first told that over a year and a half ago, and today there are still no processes in place for some forms of cheating. If I am chosen for this role, that will be my single biggest focus - to ensure that those with the ability to do so are doing all within their power to combat the widespread use of unapproved devices aimed at giving a player an edge over another. There isn't an issue in the game that should take precedence over ensuring the integrity of it.

In a lot of ways I have already been doing something similar to what is described in this role. For a while now I have been taking my grievances to parties above those offered through the game mechanics because I felt as though player concerns were not being taken seriously. While I can't say anything substantial has come from it, I can absolutely say that those that have given me the time of day have been far more forthcoming and receptive to what is typically offered or allowed to have through the game itself. And those are conversations I would be happy to have in a more formal way.

While I fully recognize that I may not be the most well-liked player in Grepolis, I challenge you to find someone who cares more than I do. I think the person/people in this role should be angry. The game is in a state of decay and those with the courage to actually speak up have been ignored for a long time. If in the very slight chance that this system is more than just an arbitrary one and real change can come from it, I hope those elected are ones with real standards and will, when given the opportunity, speak truthfully to those who will listen about the real problems with the game, not just the superficial ones.

On a personal level, my vote goes to you, Bear.


image.jpg I've been playing Grepo for an embarrassingly long time, with a registration date of Jan-15-2010, my first server being en1 Alpha. I have been around for every version of the game since the game was opened and played each version actively. I don't think many that know me would disagree that I put into this game more than most in terms of time and emotion. that i dont now in not to now hav won servreal server and often learning up new guys its feel like its have ben my life for 8 year and servreal players from the past that was my allys have been in this before me image.jpg


I'm going to chuck my hat in the ring here as well. I am not necessarily a well known name nor am i regarded as great player. I am the guy that hides in the ranks and barely noticeable to the many players around me. Those that do know me will agree that i bring a sense a balance and could be generally regarded as one of the nicest guys in grepo!


I guess I'll throw one last name into the hat before this closes up -

Hello there, my name is Phi
because no one else knows how to spell or pronounce Phidippidies...
I've been playing Grepolis since around 2013, and joined the forums shortly after, inspired by a newspaper I saw posted on the externals. and a huge shout out to you, C4, for being that inspiration. After joining externals, I decided to write a paper of my own, mostly because I wanted to interview players. Not just about the events of the world, but about silly questions, and about their opinions on updates in Grepolis - ranging from opinions on heroes, to opinions on what their favorite world speed was.

Outside of Grepolis can have a life outside of Grepolis? I am a student of Computer Science and Game Technology, and spend my summers instructing game development courses for teenagers. With this I've had some awesome opportunities to beta test for a number of game titles, like Elder Scrolls, Doom, etc.

To close this up quickly:
I think I would be a good fit for this role for two main reasons: I love to talk to players, and I have a good sense of game development and interacting with developers as a player.
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