Playing on mobile!



After announcement made for mobile version available from today...i play in Omicron world. Can i play on mobile? Because i went from my android mobile on Grepolis site, and its mnormal site, not mobile version...i tried several times, no help. Any suggestions?

Thank you


I am just after having a look at it on my computer and it has a brilliant lay out I think.


Hi Is there a forum with questions for this? I am trying it out with not much luck


Well I am guessing from the lack of response that this mobile app is still a major work in progress? You can sort of play the game, But quite frankly it is more effective to just play the normal version on your smart phone. This has potential but it is very clumsy and not directed well. That being said, I cannot seem to find any guidelines about it anywhere so it may be a user issue? I cannot seem to be able to access world wonders at all, The farming does not work, You can construct troops/ships but it is extremely cumbersome to do, there is a lot of backing up and going forward. I am not sure why you cannot scroll from city to city when in the barracks for instance? I cannot seem to figure out how to send support or attacks at all. Is Innogames working on this or am I just doing it incorrectly? or is this all we will get? Thanks, or maybe I will have to live with one of the old adages: "Be careful what you wish for" or "beggars cannot be chooser"?


The mobile interface has just been released. This might be a reason why no-one has written a guide for it.

Like all new things, the developers' testing and the beta testing will have overlooked a few things. I tried it for the first time today and found there are several features that need to be added. Most notable was the lack of farming. I hope this will be introduced in the near future.


It looks like you can farm from the "island" interface, No way to send resources to a world wonder that I see?, Also no incoming attack notifications


Two things, first the mobile site only appears if the browser identifies itself as a "mobile" browsers not a "desktop", most mobile browsers have the option to switch between the two modes.

Innogames also have disabled the mobile interface for some phones that it doesn’t work on for example Windows Phone, so on them it just forwards to the normal home page.

The mobile website is not meant as a replacement to the game but as an addition to game. Alot of features are not in the mobile version it also does not support a large range of devices. I would personally like to see the devs to expand the devices it supports before adding features.


Yea, it has its pro's and con's.
-I find it is faster for farming, and recruiting.
-It looks better, and loads faster
-easy to check notifications

- It doesnt save my password ( :( Im Lazy )
- You cannot view anything associated with the alliance at all- This is a big negative for me as im a team player
- I cannot see any incoming attacks anywhere. I know i have them since i can see them on my PC, but nowhere on the mobile version does it list them.
- I pay for premium and expect to be able to use it, but i can understand not using every feature on the phone. But what really seems like a kick in the face to me, is that you are able to activate/extend premium by phone. Yet not use it?? Are Inno that desperate?? Either let us use premium by phone or remove it totally.
- BB codes dont work, so it is impossible to read messages with reports. Also finding cities takes a bit longer.
-Every message comes up separate, i dont like this as i like to be able to view the whole conversation.

To be honest, i am not going to use it, its simplicity outweighs its benefits. Until Inno fix a few of the above problems anyway. It seems like a super-scaled back version of grepolis, and im sure it will be good for some people, but i dont like it.


Although it does have a variety of Cons I think what Saska said about it being an addition and not a replacement is important to take note of - some features are not there (at the moment) as it isn't meant to be a replacement or superior to the regular desktop version. It is more of a convenient way to continue farming, etc, when on the move (which somewhat supports the whole "mobile device"), in my opinion anyway.

It has a few things lacking but hopefully over time it will be improved. It was in development for a long period of time so it's good to see mobile support finally being released.